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Sharkies - have you been bitten?

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By ar_junkie - Posted on 23 October 2009

Has anyone has tried 'Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews' (

I got sent a bit of blurb about it a while back (from my road club) and thought it was just another 'new' product trying to replace good old jelly babies or snakes, but they have now popped up in other sports/endurance newsletters I subscribe to.

Might be keen to order a box or two, just wondering how easy they are to consume while riding i.e. easy to chew and don't get stuck in your teeth and if they live up to all the hype...

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I haven't tried them, but they do look pretty good, eh.

Let us know when you've given them a go.

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the other arvo and the guys behind the counter had an open pack and offered the kids some. Only one left in the pack and needless to say the slightly saltier flavour than normal "jellies" didn't go down well with the eldest one that took a small bite. Me being me, I finished it off for her. They are very soft and easy to chew, they might get a bit sticky over the course of a long summer ride. I can't say I recall it getting stuck to my teeth and as I mentioned it did have a little bit of a salty taste, certainly more savioury than sweet. This, of course, is feed back from only half a sharkie so i obviously have no idea if they actually work.

Main point being if the guys behind the counter were eating them and offering samples I'm pretty sure they will be selling them by the pack so no need to throw down for a whole box to try something.

Edit: sorry mate I was wrong. was in there again this arvo and he doesn't yet have any, they were samples given to him by someone at a club he rides with. They will be available in a couple of weeks he said

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I reckon as long as they don't taste like Endura (I can't stand the stuff) then it should be ok.

Thanks for the update too, I reckon I will order a box as I have been reading good things about them. If they are really bad I can offer them up as hors d'oeuvres at the next barbie...

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