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Blue Mountains this weekend

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By Matt - Posted on 12 December 2006

I'm probably going up to the Mountains this weekend for a spin or two now that the fires have died down and I have nothing better to do.

My tentative plan is to do St Helena's on Saturday and maybe tag on Andersons to the start for a bit of an epic! No definite time yet but will probably be an earlyish start on Andersons if I do that.

Anybody interested in joining me for any of that?

Disclaimer - I haven't actually ridden these trails before so don't expect me to know exactly where I'm going, as my companions on the Brindabella challenge can attest...

PS - Anybody going night riding this week?

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Gotta do some other stuff... doh!

Can't night ride as the bike is in the shop... doh!

Doh! Eye-wink

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I can night ride Wednesday - but since I STILL haven't done my brakes am not too keen for the Dam or Cascades (yes, I am still avoiding the Cascades!!)
AND! I am not nearly as fast as next week is fine too!
Blue MOuntains sound like fun but none of you guys give enough time please can someone post it a week in advance?!!!!
I really want to go there!

MEEEE Smiling

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Hi 9-lives,

I am travelling up to see my brother at Katoomba on Saturday afternoon, so I have a slot available before then. Possibly as long as the ride was finished sometime around 2:00 p.m. as I wanted to be at Katoomba at about 4:00 p.m.

I have not done St Helena's (that I know of anyway) or Andersons. And I hear that Andersons is really hard yakka at the end. But I would give it a go. As Joe Swanson in Family Guy says... "Bring it on!!!" But seeing that neither of us has been there, it would be like two blind mice. It would still be a good ride.

As an alternative, I know a few places near Springwood / Winmalee that are some of my favourites rides, which are a nice mix of various types of fire trails, plus a small amount of single trail (not really technical). Better for fitness. Kind of like a mix of Terrey Hills and the Oaks. Some other mates of mine have been there too and they like it. Up to you.

As a last resort, there is always the Oaks. I have done that one many times, and still keen to redo again as I got a new bike a few weeks ago. I need to properly "annoint" my new steed.

Let me know what you think. If there are no takers, we can possibly do an earlier a.m. ride in the local haunts if need be.

Anyone else interested in going?

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...I'll be heading for Anderson's then St Helena's tomorrow (Sat) for 60k's off-road, going from Wentworth Falls train station at 9am. Anybody who wants to tag along is welcome but bear in mind this is my first go at these trails so don't expect Mr. tour guide!

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Enjoy the ride, i've done Andersons once and St Helena's a few times.Both are good rides, St Helena's is a walk out job at the end of the ride,you have a small water crossing followed by a steep climb in which you will be most likely carrying your bike in parts. Have fun.


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Did both trails, got p1ssed on (it rained for those of a literal/dirty minded persuasion...) on in the morning but dressed appropriately so no dramas.

Andersons is OK it's pretty much all firetrail with one cool bit of descending into the creek which is very rocky but good fun, the creeks are as you'd expect from the Blueies spectacular. What is it with rides in the Blueies though, you get to a fantastic looking creek (though don't drink the water!) with a smile on face after a decent descent thinking "this is what it's all about" but then look up to see the mother of all climbs! Whatever deity floats your boat has a sick sense of humour... (Rob - can you make your next project a heli-pack?) Sh1t of a climb, much walking, overall score of 3/5. Nice to ride some trails in the rain and see a bit of flowing water for a change too.

St. Helena's is a cut above, still has a sh1tty climb at the end but it's quality trail and lots of semi-technical rideable stuff to make matters more exciting. I have to admit to not riding the first rock chute (but muummmm it was wet...) or half of the technical stuff after that, or even half of the second chute, but it was still lots of fun, just about the right length - 20k's of singletrack one-way and mostly flat of downhill - and a good mix of challenge. Overall I'd score it 4.5/5 I don't know why you'd ever take the Oaks route again once you've tried it!

See you on Sunday at the Dam!


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