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Morgan Rd Wednesday Night Ride 13-12-06

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By pikey - Posted on 12 December 2006

Morgan Road (Oxford Falls) Cross Country (XC) ride.

Meet at the carpark near Lizard Rock on Morgan Rd. 7:30 for 7:45 departure.

Very Slow Casual ride, no major climbs (Christine!)
but the occasional technical bit.
Due to the short notice (I’m riding regardless) confirm either via here or my mobile 0431 703 266

Greg (Pikey)

PS: Bring your lights! (And a stubby for our half time beer!)

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See you there.

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Sorry guys I'm batching at the moment so can't join you. Have fun.


PS Greg, check your e-mail mate, thanks.

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I shall be there with my piddly lights!

MEEE Smiling

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Well! that was an adventure! what with Greg leading us off into the bush on a wild goose chase for 'large rock' and getting us lost and Mat keen to show us the creek - but fogetting to mention the big hill down to the creek and overgrown skinny track and rocks!
However! that was such a fun ride and I had a ball thank you both!!

MEEE Smiling

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Christine did nothing but winge and moan thoughout the whole god dam ride!
(Greg if we go down that hill you know we have to go back up it!)
She did however exube a level of endurance not yet seen my myself.
As for Matt (nine lives) i still think he is on the roids.

Over all a good ride was had


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So you spotted my extra comfort saddle ;-0

And our lady companion has a drinking problem, has beer and doesn't drink it???? Surely a contradiction with the Ute + Mag wheels??

Was verily a good spin. Thanks.

PS - managed to knock a few seconds off the XC course record at a new PB of 10 mins 4 secs, over to you Rob...

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What? You did the XC in that time in the dark? Bugger - you've got me by 7 seconds Sad

Added to Hot Laps and will endeavour to crack the 10m barrier next time!

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Snuck in a quick lap before the others arrived, so not dark at all and left the lights off for the weight... must remember to forget the bag and bottle next time for a sub 10min leg/lung buster, didn't go out too hard, saving energy for that last b@st@d climb and seemed to work.

I like the Hot Laps idea lots too, good work!

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