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Upcoming Cycling Event

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By garrick.tourdecure - Posted on 19 February 2010

Hello NoBMob Members,

Sunday Feb 28th will see the first Arms Brunch for Cyclists take place. This is the first event of its kind run by cyclists, for cyclists, about cycling. There will be a buffett style brunch as well as presentations on nutrition and hydration for cycling, x-training for cycling and bike maintenance.

The event is for both Road and Off-Road riders and is a great chance to mingle, learn a bit more about your sport and raise money for a great cause. All the details can be found at

Hope to see you there.


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Hi Garrick

Looks good, I'll be there.

Ride event created:

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Shouldn't that be here - ?

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Groups and most (if not all) NoBMoB scummers i.e. who are apart of are MTBers in this forum.

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Sorry, I meant 'Shouldn't it be here too'. Smiling

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road orientated?

Could be wrong, thats just how it looks

Would that be correct?

If so would they consider maybe including other disciplines? Smiling

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Sorry, I meant 'Shouldn't it be here too'

I (briefly) created a replica event in the road section but the only problem is that some (most) users, who are apart of the MTB and Road forums, have content enabled for both forums i.e. while in say the MTB forum you can view Road content. This then doubles the event in the calendar (bloating the calendar) and potentially creating a scenario where people sign up to one ride and not the other.

This may lead to unnecessary confusion, much like my post.. Sticking out tongue

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