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Capital Punishment 2010

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By ar_junkie - Posted on 10 March 2010

Saturday, 29 May, 2010 - 07:00
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

The 100km course will start at Kowen Forest just off Sutton Road.

The 50km course will join the course at Campbell Park Offices and the Majura Pines.


Entries open online on Wednesday 17 March 2010 at 9am Monday 22 March.
Entry Fees:

Who's in?
davis_jnr, shano, Buck, Lach, leximack, jpack, Steve 01, D-on, lozza6, CB, LadyToast, Supagav, VC, Paul B, Bikeboy, Bikes, Dicko, king_nelly, Fatboy, tate, brakeburner, Azzking, CookPassBartridge, TheDugong, lambur9er (25 riders)
davis_jnr shano Buck Lach leximack jpack Steve 01 D-on lozza6 CB LadyToast Supagav VC Paul B Bikeboy Bikes Dicko king_nelly Fatboy tate brakeburner Azzking CookPassBartridge TheDugong lambur9er
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
gd CP - First event - 50K. Are they all like that? Finished
Discodan Capital Punishment Finished 03:13:16 122 50km/Male/Open 75
homerj First time fun Finished 03:34:35 241 50km/Male/Open
VC granny saved me Finished 03:40:25 50km/Male/Veteran 49
Bikeboy Old body makes the (soft) distance Finished 04:05:00 391 50km/Male/Veteran 77
Supagav SS was a wise choice Finished 05:38:16 40 100km/Male/SS 3
LadyToast The perfect hard man race. Finished 06:29:02 112 100km/Male/Veteran 19
Azzking Capital Punishment 100km of pure mud, slop and pain Finished 07:28:01 273 146
Fatboy Mud Slogfest Finished 07:33:49 287
Lach Mud, mud, mud... Did not finish 100km/Male/Super Vet
CB Punishment indeed .... Did not finish
Buck First DNF Did not finish 100km/Male/Open

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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leximack's picture

been wanting to do this ride since it was announced many, many, many months ago
wont be clicking the star till i have a paid entry though


PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Not sure about this one as sparrow will be out because of the logging.
What does everyone else think? worth it or not?

Rob's picture

It'll all be about how they manage to link in the finish at Stromlo won't it?

I'd really look forward to that. It will also give an easy bailout point though, so you'll have to keep strong Eye-wink

dangersean's picture

What turns me off is a frosty 7am start in Canberra at the end of May! Brrrrr!

That and i'd rather spend a weekend down there ride the fun parts of Canberra without 1000 other people and not have to worry about smashing myself to get over the ridge to finish off with a probable 7km switchback climb up Stromlo. Yuck.


CB's picture

A reminder that Capital Punishment entries are opening at 9am this morning ( in 20 minutes)

Good Luck


LadyToast's picture

Server Error in '/' Application.

Another server melt down at ticket opening. This event is jinxed.

EDIT: word is that the rego has been closed.

Registration Closed
Online registration for the Capital Punishment on 29 May 2010 has been closed.

Please consult the event web site for further information.

Brian's picture

DW100 will be my first 100k event so I wont bother registering for this one as its too close.

Buck's picture

but you will have trained up for the DW100 so what better time to do another 100km race Smiling

Brian's picture

Yes I thought that but I might find the 100k is too much and there will not be enough time to train.

BT's picture

The DW100 will be the training! Smiling

Brian's picture

I did actually try to get a ticket just in case but the server was crapping out...

LadyToast's picture

Tix back on sale sometime on the 22nd.

BT's picture

There were no issues last year, but surely this has highlighted the need to get the system ready for high traffic once the Angry Doctor comes around again.

Buck's picture

Well I tried to enter this morning and I got a email at least. Although it has No Subject and has no text in it! I guess that means I'm in?! Puzzled

ar_junkie's picture

Taken from the home page:



1. Entry is via a pre-registration system. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT LINK WHICH WILL APPEAR BELLOW - for either the 50km or the 100km."


Damien's picture

Hmmm "lottery" dont like it.

There are plenty of great endurance races popping up all over the place at the moment on some great tracks that are much easier to enter and just as much fun.

tate's picture

sounds like too much hassle getting a ticket to these things.

i might give club racing a go instead. For $15 v $130, an enduro cant be that much better.

Damien's picture

Club racing is good fun I can go and race at least a couple of times a month at the various clubs if I want.

And the enduro races they put on are fantastic the summer 4hr series at WSMTB was lots of fun this year.

ar_junkie's picture


Damien's picture

So has anyone got an actual confirmed entry for this or are you guys who have clicked the star above just on the pick me lottery list.

ar_junkie's picture

Registered this morning, and have had no correspondence from AROC or

I'm assuming that I'm in the lottery...

Buck's picture

Just got my email Laughing out loud

leximack's picture

got a ticket
all paid, im in Smiling


CB's picture

All paid up


BT's picture

..that wasn't too hard was it?! Sticking out tongue

brakeburner's picture

it's quite easy winning the lottery!

Steve 01's picture

Bib1005 come on down,hope I wasn't to optimistic told them i normally finish in the top 10% of the field

VC's picture

got my entry first day.....stoked, first race doin the 50km....should be interesting.

Azzking's picture

Late entry with no problems. Rider No. 1503. Now that I have completed the dirtworks what better time than the end of the month to torture those legs and do another 100k's. What ever the course route takes I am sure it will be some good fun.

Will be pedalling hard for those first few k's to get warm.

Buck's picture

Elevation profiles are up. Three fair sized climbs for the 100km course.....with a nice climb up Stromlo at 90km just when the legs are feeling the best Smiling

shano's picture

I'm hoping its less than 2000m. Eye-wink
Cause I have not ridden since dirtworks... Smiling
This will be an awesome ride...can't wait!

Lach's picture

the web site says approx 1500m, which isn't bad, but I reckon 25% of that is in the last 10 km........ Sad

CookPassBartridge's picture

... yes, the numpty on a white Fisher, getting in your way and p*ssing and moaning about the physical excretion will be me! Sorry.

Please bear in mind it's my first 50km, I'm now to the sport, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

Good luck all. My hat (and helmet, although that just sounds wrong) is off to those doing the 100km. No doubt you'll be passing me at the 51km mark! I'll do my best to get out of your way.

LadyToast's picture

So, the weather looks good Eye-wink

(wot? Someone was going to say it)

ar_junkie's picture

Now that 'it-which-must-not-be-spoken-about' has been spoken about, I guess it's going to be a blizzard and heatwave all in the first hour!

LadyToast's picture

Top tip: A drop of vod in the camel back might stop it freezing up.

Morgan's picture

It's going from a balmy 2 degrees to a tropical 15 on Saturday, with only periods of rain to tamp down the dust.

Perfect riding conditions.

Brian's picture

I'm so glad their server crashed and I didn't get a ticket. Have fun Evil

Morgan's picture

It's only going to go down to 5 on Friday nite/Saturday morning, not 2! This means (probably-I'm not a meteorologist) that there will be cloud cover earlier at night and therefore the rain will start earlier, so pack those wet weather tyres as the tracks will already be soggy....

ar_junkie's picture

I wonder if AROC needs another volunteer...

LadyToast's picture

Well I was just in the garage getting the bike ready and I spent about 15 minutes looking at the array of tyres I have, I started putting a Nevagal on, then took it off, then half on, then put the Racing Ralph back on - man I wish I knew what the conditions were going to be like on Sat. I'm sticking with the Ralph only because I think there will be quite a lot of road sections that I can make some speed on and I that the tracks will drain well but I'll be miffed if it's a complete bog. (note to self, don't forget to pack the compressor for a last minute change of mind.)

Oh, and I just found out that my rear wheel has 3 broken spokes too, it's going to be a fun ride Smiling

gd's picture

This will be my first event, entered in the super vet category and starting at the back.
Been riding just about a year now - weekends only though.
Really looking forward to it and hope the rain holds back a bit.

Good luck to everyone, especially the other first timers.

Morgan's picture

Forecast for Friday
Fine and mostly cloudy day. Rain developing overnight.
Light northeast winds.
City Precis: Mostly cloudy.
City: Min 4 Max 16
Tuggeranong: Min 4 Max 16
Chance of rainfall: 10% day, increasing to 90% overnight.
Winds on Lake: Northeast 10 to 15 km/h.
UV Alert: Nil , UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]
Saturday Rain periods. Min 5 Max 15
Sunday Rain periods. Min 4 Max 15

It's gunna be wet when you wake up on Saturday morning, it's gunna be raining when you ride, and it's gunna be wet when you wash your bike off on Sunday. This ain't Canberra "occasional showers" - it's going to rain all day, so plan for that.....Yours, The Canberra Weather Man.

LadyToast's picture

Results are up:

There were a LOT of photographers as well (in all the best places, including one guy on the berm section at the end), would be interesting to see those.

Dicko's picture

Not sure you will recognise anyone in the photos - evrybody was covered in an inch of mud.

What a day out - certainly not what I expected. Feeling it today.


CookPassBartridge's picture

Capital Punishment, 50km, done. Bought my first mountain bike 10th April, and managed the 50km a month and a half later. Result. Minor cramp at the muddy pine section, (the second lot of pines). I'm blaming the fact I was going flat out to find a Marshall for that poor women in the yellow jacket that low-sided shortly after the 35km mark. Poor girl. She looked in a bad way.

Great weekend. The bike wash and warm showers definitely appreciated.

The Fisher is still a little worse for wears...

Oh and I will be having a word with a certain bike shop that did a service on my friends bike the weekend before and failed to notice the brake pads were kaput. Leaving her without brakes front and back 20km in.

Looking forward to the pics...

Brian's picture

Just on the brake pads, in bad conditions you can wear a new set out in no time so at the time of service they could have been only half worn and not needing replacement.

Scottboy's picture

doing to double check over your bike or if you knew it was going to be terrible conditions would have opted for new ones on a race of this calibre with the mud rain & sandy conditions .

CookPassBartridge's picture

Yep, agree with both regarding the brake pads.

I think she thought she 'outsourced' that worry by handing it over to the bike garage to service (and informing them of the race the following weekend).

Good result for me as I'd never changed bike pads before (did it yesterday for her, and my bike whilst I was at it) and didn't realize how straight forward it was. Note to self for the next race, take spare set of pads...

Now, I just need to get comfortable with tuning a derailer and life will be sweet.

LadyToast's picture

Some familiar faces in the image slide show in the aurora front page

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