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Bungleboori to Capertee

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Newnes Plateau

Great ride across Newnes state forest and Gardens of Stone NP

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This ride does cross Private property and permission needs to be sort from the owners of Pantoney Station.

We utilised a big car shuttle startin gat the Bungleboori picnic ground and finishing at the Capertee servo on the Mudgee rd, however Dave Noble lists it as an over night loop ride starting at Lithgow and camping near Capertee.

Pretty mush the whole ride is on fire rds but there a some very fun section and a plethora of spectacular views.

From the picnic ground we headed out along the Black fellows hands road. This is fairly easy going as it makes it's way across the top of the plateau. There are single trail and side rd options if you want to make it more of a challenge but as we had some inexperience mountain bikers we stuck to the main rd.

The run down in to Black fellows hands is quite fun and there are a couple of rock formations along the way worthy of stopping to take in. The Black fellows hand cave itself is worth a side trip. The hand stencils are starting to fade so you need to give your eyes a bit of time to adjust before they start becoming apparent.

At the Wolgan rd we headed back towards Angus Place slightly (You can go straight across but it is a steeper climb back up to the top of the escarpment) and then headed in along the Long Swamp road.

This soon grants you access to spectacular cliff edges of the upper Wolgan Valley. One of the open rock out crops was the setting of our first snack break (Of course Mark had to boil the billy for a cup of tea)

We continued out towards Baal Bone gap. A lovely descent though a gap in the upper cliff line brings you to a very pleasant camping area. We headed right here up the little climb to the Pumping station.
This is one of the few places in the area with permanent access fresh drink water and water bottles were topped up. The views across Pantoneys Crown are fantasic. The rest of the ride will basically circle the crown, giving views on every side.

Now comes the exciting bit Baal bone gap drop about 500m through the escapement. The first 2 or 3
is very steep with some big bends and then it mellows some what to a nice run down a very pretty gully.
We found a nice spot in dapple sunlight for lunch and continued on
Not far from the bottom you come to the boundary fence of Pantoney Station. If you have permission jump the gate and continue through.

Once through the station the road out to the main rd was very corrugated and made for hard going. The Glendavis Rd was much better but the next 20 kms contain a long drawn up climb up to the Mudgee rd. The servo and it's hot chips was a welcome site at the end of the day.

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... would be handy if you could post a procedure or contact details agreed with the station owners to get permission to cross their property.

Looks like a great ride. Smiling

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Finding out how to contact them is like one of the gateway trials on a Knight's Quest, it blocks out the uninitiated/unworthy Smiling
Plus I'm guessing they don;t want a million random phone calls.

If you really want to do the ride there are ways of finding out.

I believe Baal Bone gap is part of the Bicentenial National Trail (section 9: Barrington Tops to Jenolan Caves) so first port of call for more info would be there

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