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NoBMoB Feature in Pittwater Community Guide

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By Rob - Posted on 16 September 2010

A bit of shameless self promotion never goes amiss Eye-wink

I was asked to write a piece on MTB for Pittwater Community Guide and very nice to see it received a full page to itself (see attached).

Let's hope this encourages more people in the area to get out there! Smiling

nrthrnben's picture

Good timing for a positive article

Scottboy's picture

Aggod way to dip a foot in the water get get recognised , now we need to get some more trails around the place that are pedestrian friendly too

Horner's picture

Great web site serving the communities interest (at least MTB'er interest)

davis_jnr's picture

Is that ev on his old hardtail?

Rob's picture

Indeed it is!

My original MTB, the old Jekyll is even in one of these.

davis_jnr's picture

Love it!

ADZA's picture

very nice Rob, hopefully that sees more people getting out there onto the tracks

Gilbo's picture

good writting Rob, makes me all nostalgic about days of riding on the northern beaches and Manly. Keep up the great work!

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