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Apologies in advance...

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By Rob - Posted on 15 October 2010

... to all those who have added their support for the NSW NPWS paper.

When I canvased a few people and asked why they hadn't given their support yet, the main response was that they forgot, or just didn't have time. So I figured a subtle reminder was in order Eye-wink

Yes - 'popup' dialogs are annoying, but it's also annoying to see many people bust their ass for years to finally drag some key acknowledgements out of the department, only to then see only a few hundred people actually support that. Moreover when I know there are literally thousands of visitors to this site every day.

If you ride off road in NSW this surely affects you. Sorry for the none too subtle reminder, but please... take that 30 seconds and add your voice.

P.S. If you're on IE6 or IE7 you probably don't know what I'm talking about... please upgrade your browser Eye-wink

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Meh. it works well rob

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Sometimes it needs to be put in a users face to get action.

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as stated only took 30 seconds and each name adds weight.

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For those of us who can't upgrade to IE8 (work computer won't allow it), is there another way to show our support?

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thanks for the reminder Rob, keep up the good work.

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@Rune... Sure... just visit this government forum and tell 'em you like to ride your bike in NSW National Parks. If you like, you could mention that single track goodness would be very nice to have too Eye-wink

More discussion here...

Thanks Smiling

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Thanks Rob. I just found the discussion website from another thread, having a read now. Hope this goes through!

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Thanks Rob,
That sure made it easy!

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Done Smiling

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Hadn't but now have Smiling Thanks for the reminder Rob.

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I'm sure I have allready done this ,but will do it again to be sure Sticking out tongue

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I've been meaning to do this
But then I lost the link and kind of slipped my mind

The pop up was great
Friday arv, click the link and spent 10 mins giving my 2c

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sometimes I need a little arm twisting-thanks Rob

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had been meaning to add comments - now I finally have!

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been a it done! Smiling

Shano Eye-wink

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Having been to the NWPS forum in Turramurra, I know that we need all the support we can get, since we have our opposers at the other end. Hope we'll win this battle!

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Great idea. On the 15th over 100 comments were added and one specifically mentioned support from NobMob!

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Like most I just ignored the issue assuming others would bombard the national parks but deep down I thought I should do something then .... this bloody pop up kept reminding me of what a slacko I am so I've finally gone and done it - I left a comment!

Thanks Rob. Your continued vigilance has got one more vote across the line.

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