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Manly Dam is CLOSED!

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By Rob - Posted on 21 November 2010

Manly Dam Issues and Directions Discussion Paper - Please Comment

Just a gentle reminder that Manly Dam is CLOSED today despite the sunshine. It will take much more than a couple of days like this to dry the trails out given the amount of rain that has fallen over the last few weeks.

Given Warringah Council has just released a Manly Dam Issues and Directions Discussion Paper it's even more relevant than ever that mountain bike riders show they can act with maturity and respect land managers decisions. If, as a community, we do not respect the council's closures, which are actually for our own good anyway, how can we expect them to respect our requests for input on the future of Manly Dam?

So please, do not ride Manly Dam today.

Please do not think, "My one lap won't hurt", because it will! Imagine if everyone thought that way, it wouldn't just be one lap, but more like 200. All it takes is for one person to be seen riding, and the excuse comes out, "Well - if they are riding, I'm going to too" and there you go - it's a snowball effect out to those 200 laps of damage.

I know it's frustrating, but please go for a spin on trails that are less susceptible to damage. There are plenty of firetrails in the area that fit this bill. Or failing that, take a spin class, ride on your trainer (or borrow one from a mate), do some cross training... hell - even ride on the road! Please, just do something other than ride Manly Dam today!

Thanks Smiling

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Unfortunately nearly every car space at the Hydro Lab was taken up with rider's cars yesterday and people were carrying on as if they were blind to the 'Park Closed' signs erected by the Rangers, right in front of them. Sad

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some people out there have NO respect for sustaining trails....
i love to ride manly dam especially being a local but i just ride elsewhere
when closed....come on guys its not rocket science...
you know what they say though 'common sense is very uncommon'.

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I normally get an email from the rangers when they close the trail but I haven't seen anything. Is there another way we can get the message out that the trail is closed.

In addition, if the trail was closed did anyone put the gates agree the main entrances?

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You have seen the date on this post? It's very old.

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