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Warringah Council

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Council Amalgamations

Due to the users endless source of knowledge I have a question concerning the changes among the council system and if they will affect the development of the trails around Bantry Bay and Manly Dam?

If so will these changes be for better or worse or does anybody even know what is happening?
Thanks, Alex

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Bare Creek Bike Plan - Dedicated MTB Facilities for the Northern Beaches. Help Required Now!

Do you want a purpose built bike park on the Northern Beaches - one that is dedicated Mountain Biking? A plan is proposed for such a facility at Belrose Waste Management Centre after it closes soon, but...

Help is needed to get this plan approved. Can you help by emailing the local councillors and expressing your views? Just something simple that explains you are behind the plan is all it would take.

The next council meeting is 27th May, so these emails need to find their target before that date. If you could attend the meeting to show support all the better.

The councillor's email addresses:,,,,,,,,,

More background can be found in this thread: Bare Creek Bike Park.

Thank you.

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Manly Dam upgrade work has commenced

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Work is currently underway adjacent to the Warringah Street/ Manning Street section of track a.k.a. Track section 1 (see below). The entire track remains open and will remain so unless otherwise advised. From time to time diversions around the works may be in place. These will be well signed. Riders are requested to follow advisory signs and the relevant directions.

• Track Section 1 Park Main Entry to Manning Street - the area of track east of Manning Street
• Track Section 3 Kirkwood Street to Wakehurst Parkway Gate - the Sniggle alongside the Wakehurst Parkway

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Manly Dam getting $110000 upgrade!

I can't see that this has been posted yet, but I just found this on Council website. $110000 to be spent on track work commencing May June!

That's good money! Well done to every person who helped make this happen!

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Night riding Manly Dam not allowed?

Just found this on the Warringah Council website re Manly Dam. Anyone heard about this before?

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Make a comment and get MTB funding!

posted on behalf of David Fox and Trailcare

Make a comment and get MTB funding!

Make a comment on the link below about how we want more MTB facilities in Manly Warringah and we want the Bare Creek Mountain bikepark built.

Warringah eServices

“A vibrant, caring community, thriving in a unique beach and bush environment, supporting a balance ...

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Draft Forestville Park Plan of Management – Public Exhibition

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For those not on the distribution list, got this in the mail today...

2 April 2013

To whom it may concern

Draft Forestville Park Plan of Management – Public Exhibition

As you may recall, during April, May and June 2012, Council undertook community consultation and exhibited the draft Forestville Park Plan of Management.

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Manly Dam is CLOSED!

Manly Dam Issues and Directions Discussion Paper - Please Comment

Just a gentle reminder that Manly Dam is CLOSED today despite the sunshine. It will take much more than a couple of days like this to dry the trails out given the amount of rain that has fallen over the last few weeks.

Given Warringah Council has just released a Manly Dam Issues and Directions Discussion Paper it's even more relevant than ever that mountain bike riders show they can act with maturity and respect land managers decisions. If, as a community, we do not respect the council's closures, which are actually for our own good anyway, how can we expect them to respect our requests for input on the future of Manly Dam?

So please, do not ride Manly Dam today.

Please do not think, "My one lap won't hurt", because it will! Imagine if everyone thought that way, it wouldn't just be one lap, but more like 200. All it takes is for one person to be seen riding, and the excuse comes out, "Well - if they are riding, I'm going to too" and there you go - it's a snowball effect out to those 200 laps of damage.

I know it's frustrating, but please go for a spin on trails that are less susceptible to damage. There are plenty of firetrails in the area that fit this bill. Or failing that, take a spin class, ride on your trainer (or borrow one from a mate), do some cross training... hell - even ride on the road! Please, just do something other than ride Manly Dam today!

Thanks Smiling

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Manly Dam Issues and Directions Discussion Paper - Please Comment

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In case you missed Warringah Council's recent email there's some pretty positive news they have put out for riders in the region. Here's part of what they said:

This Paper hopes to encourage a rigorous and informed debate among the community on the issues and values of the Park. Comments received on the Discussion Paper will assist in confirming the key values and management issues for the Park and will help set a new vision and future direction for Manly Dam.

Best Mountain Bike