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Magic Shine Charger

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By mikethebike - Posted on 25 November 2010

I recently bought a Magic Shine 1400 light from Deal Xtreme and I'm having trouble with the charger (ie not working at all)!
I dropped it from a small height and since then nada. I prised the plug pack open to find what looks to be a small non replaceable fuse broken and some scorch marks. A few questions I have are,
- Could this be related to the battery recall talked about recently?
- Can a generic charger be bought from Jaycar or the like?
- Does anyone else who purchased one of these fine pieces of engineering have a charger that they no longer need or use?
Anyones help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers Mike

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Approx $17 AUD delivered

I bought the MagicShine dual set, 2300 lumens?

Very happy with them even though they recalled the batteries a week later.

I'm still using them with no probs but I do charge them in a flame proof LIPO bag.


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Funny, I had a problem with mine this weekend, I thought it was dead too. After chucking a meter on it it appears to be only be the led that is gone, it still charges the battery.

Pikey, thanks for the link, dx support sucks big time.

Next to work on fixing the rubbish rubber mount with something more sturdy.

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Sounds cheaper than local

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Cell Bikes has a Magicshine clone on special NOW......$99.00

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