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100 000 Lumen lights

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By stu - Posted on 24 December 2010

Saw this in the SMH today. Anybody interested in a new set of lights.Eye-wink

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I used to work with this guy back in WA. He really is a "mad scientist" He could probably integrate a massive tesla beam to fire from a button on the handlebars. "try to run me off the road did you....? Take this - ZZZZZZAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!" Hey presto. Problem solved - well, fried actually.
Put me down for 2 of those...

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Ohnestly officer i didn't see him , he should have brghter lights on that bike . Sticking out tongue

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This winter I had some moron try and nudge the rear wheel of my bike while cycling up Epping Road. They were pulling into the servo there, initially slowing down as they started to pull in, but then accelerated toward me in what seemed like an intentional manoeuvre to clip the bike's rear wheel as I passed. Note that we were basically travelling towards each other the few seconds before this occurred.

I stood trying to educate them about the danger of 'playing' with riders like this. Staring into the vehicle, the driver and passenger both had to shield their eyes from the over 1000lm on my head that was blazing into their vehicle. The driver had the gaul to say, "I didn't see you".

So don't joke - a rider can never have enough lights at night!

P.S. This is slightly T.I.C. but the story is real enough.

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