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Bit Map – topographic maps App

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By mrptl - Posted on 14 January 2011

Anyone using the App called Bit Map for iPhone?

… I personally do, and it's good stuff.

You don't get the maps with the App, so you'll need to get them and install them.
I've find them, I install them… with pain, so happy to explain if someone is interested.

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These programs that use offline maps are great for areas that don't have mobile reception.
I use something similar on Android called OruxMaps but there are many others that do the same thing with slight differences.

In the same way you have to source the maps yourself.

There is a program called Mobile Atlas Creator (formerly TrekBuddy Atlas Creator) that allows you to create maps from loads of different sources and output them in many formats not just for OruxMaps.
For unknown trails I usually load a GPX file into the map so I have a route to follow if I get lost.

QR Code for OruxMaps

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