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Zephyr BioHarness BT

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By Rob - Posted on 28 January 2011

Wow... forget your simply heart rate monitor, this thing records... well... check the features:

- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Configurable Output
- Heart Rate 25 – 240 BPM (±1 BPM)
- Breathing Rate 3 – 70 BPM (±1BPM)
- IR Skin Temperature 10 – 60 °C (±0.1°C)
- Position/posture ± 180°
- Activity in VMU
- 3 axis Acceleration to 16g
- Skin Conductance Level
- Red / Orange / Green subject status indication
- Transmit and/or Logging Modes
- 250Hz ECG Logging
- 125Hz Accelerometer Logging
- USB connectivity for data download
- 570 hours data storage

I found an Android App that links to this and using the Bluetooth records it all for upload to sites like Garmin Connect. That G-force meter would be interested in an off, eh? Eye-wink


ar_junkie's picture

Cancer or some other interesting illness as a side effect?

hawkeye's picture

How big a mortgage will I need? Sticking out tongue

Isildur's picture

Looks bloody expensive for a HR monitor, at $710US.

Although, it does look like it would give a wealth of awesome information - and I love information!

hawkeye's picture

My Garmin 705 didn't give me much change out of $600, so it doesn't seem so bad with all that extra telemetry

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