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Server Move Complete

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By Rob - Posted on 12 February 2011

In case you didn't notice (and I hope you didn't!) we are now up and running from our new virtual home.

We are now on a shiny new virtual server which replaces the last move and should make for a more robust site. Not that I think anyone can complain about the old one, but perhaps a secure data centre with not only battery backup, but generators and redundant Internet links will be even more reliable.

The new infrastructure has been very generously donated by the crew at DCWest... big shout out to them.

Like I said, you shouldn't notice any difference (aside from a likely speed increase as this VPS has more grunt than the old box!), but please let me know ASAP if you do.

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Fantastic work, I've always loved looking at a mess of blue wires! Ah the memories, Lounge room Quake at it's best!

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Good work Rob!
Recently there's been a bit of latency in loading pages, seems much better tonight.
As always, thanks for your excellent (and quiet) support and development of the NobMob systems.
We'd be lost without you!

btw, round time ping ~70ms

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The photo of the old sever reminded me of Orac.

Nice work Rob!! and a big thanks to DCWest for supporting the MTB community.

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