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Lisdale Sat 23?

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By Rob - Posted on 20 June 2007

Hmmmm, due to this:

And the discussions last weekend, who's up for Lisdale this Sat? The 23rd? 9am meet? Ride for 4 hours? Back home in Sydney by 3pm.

I'd love to go and wonder aimlessly in the forest south of the highway, where there's loads of sniggle allegedly. There's fire trail marked on the map and visible on the sat. This should give some distance, with 1-2 laps of the XC course thrown in for fun.


ar_junkie's picture

I is dere! Wearin my eadband an all!

Bruce's picture

Looks like I should be good for this ride, will confirm on friday.

Hey Flynny, hows the weather out there other than freezing cold!

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Funny you mention Mr Flynn, he posted some pics someplace else earlier. There was snow on the ground.


However, the Lithgow forecast for Sat is, "Frost then sunny" with tops of 12C. Can live with that Smiling

evan's picture

Would love to ride this track again but cannot because of the date.

Any chance for a Sunday ?


Little-Ditty's picture

I am happy to follow the crowd, if this is indeed the ride for the weekend. Sounds cool. I will take it that this means the Wisemans Ferry ride is officially kaput. Fair nuff.

Each of will need to ensure we bring our winter thermals.

Anyone interested in car pooling?

ar_junkie's picture

Why not?
If Lisdale does happen then I think it's a good idea!

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There you go, now official:

Sorry, Ev, really wanted to get this done on Sat, and the forecast is better than Sunday too.

Reckon I'll be leaving Sydney 6:30am, want to be back for 3pm. Happy to car pool, any takers?

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Hey Rob, if your coming past quakers hill (M7) I would be happy to car pool with you.

ar_junkie's picture

Myself and Ditty are also keen otherwise if 4 is too many then we can organise something...

Flynny's picture

These photos
Our yard

Snow "flowing" off the kids slippery dip.

The Captain drops by for snow fight

Some moisture about but nothing like last week.

Thanks for coming
The Adventures of Captain Insaneo

ar_junkie's picture

You got to be $#!^ing me!!!
That's insane squared!

Oh boy - gotta dig up the heavy gear for Saturday!!!

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... if Bruce has got is XC rig back by then? To be honest, Ditty's ride is no light weight, generally it goes on the roof and we put the light kiddies on the back. 4 is possible, but a bit of a squeeze I think.

Bruce is directly on the way for me so taking him is no drama. No way we can all fit in my car with his Faith though! Are you guys set if you have to go in a second vehicle?

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The stumpy will be back together by then. No way Im going to pedal an extra 8kg of bike around lisdale if I dont have too.

Bruce's picture

Hey Shaun,

have you convinced your AR partner for sunday into a warm up ride at Lisdale yet? Yes you know who you are, no excuses! Sticking out tongue

Flynny's picture

Snow all gone by lunch.

shano's picture

car pool me...

Gilbo's picture

excellent idea, i was going to suggest another run down andersons and the oaks seeing as Mini DW is to be postponed - but the lidsdale track is a much better option. i can offer carpooling - of sorts, send me a PM to discuss. im just out of the city.

Andy Bloot's picture

3 at a pinch
leaving from Mona Vale and no idea where Lisdale is except it's Bathurst way
But the write up sounds too good to miss
Will pick anyone up from anywhere

Little-Ditty's picture

Yes, you know who you are. The Lidsdale Lurker Sticking out tongue Tee he.

Little-Ditty's picture

Hi all,

Lee, can I car pool with you? We will need to chat anyway.

Shaun, Shane and Andy. You are all coming from a similar direction like me, so why not have you guys shack up together?

Andy Bloot's picture

Just let me know where I have to be, and when
Cause I'm not sure how long it takes
I'm thinking 2.5 hours direct from Nthn beaches

Rob's picture

Just fill in the 'directions starting address' on your profile and voila (there are links on the ride reviews).

2.5 hours should see you right at that time of the morning.

I'm probably taking Bruce as pick up for him is directly on the way for me - how are you other lot sorted?

Steve 01's picture

Never been here so should be fun, car pooling would be the go

tienster's picture

PM'ed you

Andy Bloot's picture

with 3 bikes
May fit 1 bike inside- and a bit cuddly in the back
But if there's no option, there's room

ar_junkie's picture

Not sure if you've organised anything yet m8... I think there's 3 cars now...

Caro's picture

Have a great ride!
Make sure you don't freeze your .... off! (am talking about your hands of course) Smiling (for your sake Eye-wink!)
The lurker...

Bruce's picture

thanks Rob, the lift to Lisdale would be muchly appreciated will pm my address.

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