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Be at Ararat Reserve (Bantry Bay Road) between 10-2 today (Sat 29th)!

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By Rob - Posted on 29 October 2011

Apologies for the late notice, but a very keen reader has spotted the NPWS run Garigal National Park Information Day has changed venue to Ararat Reserve, Bantry Bay Road, Frenchs Forest.

Please come along and see what NPWS are planning in the local parks and show your support.

Official notice from NPWS:

Our calendar entry:

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Thanks rob - i had heard the same but was looking for a confirmation!

See you there.

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Who went? Can you share any info?

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Got to fill out a survey form, talked to rangers etc, but could not stay too long (3 young boys do not work well in that environment).

But I did have an interesting chat with an elderly gentleman who was worried about the engine noise reverberating around the valley disturbing all the age care facilities in the area. I think the rangers saw through this objection, although he did keep at it with anyone who would listen.

Rob any comments from you?

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Yeah... it seemed pretty positive.

There were some maps showing various options for trails and friendly chat going on. The overall vibe was good (while I was there at least).

I took some picture and will bung up a few later.

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Interestingly enough there is a Moto in the area who occasionally rides both the Bantry Bay Fire trail and the single trail from Forestville Park to Ararat Reserve.

It's always late night / early morning (early as 2:00am) so I have a feeling something else is going on.

Hopefully the new trail will make his crop location less secluded Eye-wink

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that we have a noisy bloody motor!-he still did not get it even after you told him we use PEDALS!!

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