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The Chute can be Dangerous!

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By cccritter7 - Posted on 03 December 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

My buddy did the chute 2 times and then on his third go this happened!

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I hadn't been to Glenrock for almost 12mths - I always took this line down instead fthe easier option to the left. Previously this was an eroded steep slippery downhill.

The other day thinking it was the same as 12 mths ago, I came down here at moderate speed - got a huge shock when I saw the rock reinforcement steps - going to fast to slow down an ended up launching off the top. Riding a Hardtail I managed to land bouncing to the bottom - didn't come off but definitely got the heart started.

Looks like you locked up the front - get back and just let the momentum carry you - minimal to no front brake.

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you can still go to school in plaster & pain!

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nice slow motion, hows the shoulder

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Hows the wrist? lucky to not break it. Checked the helmet for cracks?

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Love the slow-mo replays. Smiling

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Dude needs a new helmet. After a hit like that it'll be weakened, and you won't see the damage. Next time he stacks and hits that spot it may fail. Cheap insurance. Eye-wink

Awesome stack, btw. 2 thumbs up.

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Just watched it again.

Did I hear a "I love you camera" @ 0:40sec

P.S. Good Job on the head tuck and roll. Saved some broken bones there.

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@ 40 sec. 'I love this helmet'. Rightly so.

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Two thumbs up for the tuck and roll - good move!

Occasionally you see some Darwin Award candidates around Manly Dam without helmets ... I don't get it. Puzzled

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yer the shoulder i perfectly fine. That was 10 min into the ride and then bout 5 min after we kept riding for 2 hrs and it didn't hurt at all. It looks really bad but doesn't it

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