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By hathill - Posted on 15 December 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 25 February, 2012 - 08:23
10 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

After being reminded about this on the Wednesday night ride, it's time to put it up for next year to give you all a chance to drag out your secret weapons.

Guidelines are:

1) Bike not to be worth more than $200 new or needs to be over ten years old.
2) No disc brakes.
3) You have to carry it out with you even if it is stuffed.
4) All stacks are your own fault for riding such a heap of S*&t
5) No clipless pedals (unless the bike came with them originally)
6) Must be prepared to have an embarrassing photo taken.
7) Anything else I have missed here....................

Of course these are only guidelines and are pretty flexible. Just don't turn up on your full carbon MTB unless you want to be sweep!

Jump on whatever's steaming out of Glenbrook at 8:23

Meet back at Glenbrook for some new seatpost bolts and a gentlemans operation or two.

Who's in?
shano, Nerf Herder, Pedalgogy, Chuck, ChopStiR, hathill, Kingy, stephen, trim, TeeJay, J the B, Tristania, Muninjitsu, Username2, Slip, jerrys_bus (16 riders)
shano Nerf Herder Pedalgogy Chuck ChopStiR hathill Kingy stephen trim TeeJay J the B Tristania Muninjitsu Username2 Slip jerrys_bus
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Link wont give access to Poll

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Here are the options for the missing poll questions.

Options are

7:33am from Glenbrook for 8:15 start at Woodford
9:03am from Glenbrook for 9:40 start at Woddford

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Eight fifteen start thanks

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By the way, you all know that there is a dress code, right? Paisley, Hawaiian, pajama, double-breasted, latex or lace.

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You forgot polyester. No self-respecting safari suit would be made out of anything else.

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No gimp suits or man kinis please.

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If consensus is to meet at 8:15am at Woodford station then I will be riding up via the highway. Feel free to join me if your BMORC machine has the legs.

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sorry bailing sounding like to much drama to ride a shiter down a mountain

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C'mon Wes, drama is the name of the game for Saturday.

Looks like we are heading for the 8:15 start - that'll give us that extra mechanical repair and gas-bagging time.

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If youre looking for a trouble free ride I'd be sticking to the hybrid round the lakes, the bash will no doubt have a few mishaps and pinch-flats.. So 8.15 it is.

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Last minute saftey/unsaftey checks to be done tonight. How well do 20yr old brake cables hold up? Can two long pink sponges really work as suspension? Does a Race Bred USA sticker really make it go faster? These and other pressing questions will be answered from 8:15 tommorrow.

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Once a friend of mine had a Huffy (he was around 30yo at the time), he took the stickers off it and was at the local garage pumping up the tyres. A young kid (~12) came up to him and said, "Hey Mister, you took the stickers of that bike didnt you", yes, "Its a Huffy isnt it?", mmm yes, "Its still a peice of crap!".
This made my friend feel intimidated by this yound snotty nosed kid.

Moral of the story, The stickers may not neccessarily make your bike go faster, but if its a shitter no matter what you do to it to disgise it, its still junk!

I hope you guys have hospital insurance in the likely hood of your bike desintegrating beneath you as it vabrates to death.

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Hey Char, my mate took the stickers of his Huffy too. It was a great laugh at the time. We thought he was crazy to ride the Oaks fully ridged. Not that my old Rincon really had any suspension.

Just finishing off the bike today. Still have a no rear brake as yet and it keeps skipping in gear. Photos later.

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Shall be at Woodford Station at 0815 hrs with my daughter Melanie, complete with the bike she rode approximately 10 years ago (me) ... should do the trick; will be wearing running shoes as there is a good chance they will be utilised for this epic event.

Left the FSR luxury machine in Canberra as Mr Rudd may need it on Monday arvo Smiling


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Went for a test ride this morning! Bumpy, uncomfortable and heavy, as well as gears grinding slightly.

Brilliant, just what I need (I'm not even being sarcastic)!

See you guys tomorrow at Woodford at 8:15am!

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For everyone's trivial information, no other topic on BMORC has cracked the 100mark, this makes 116!

Tristania's picture

This comment make 117!

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Well im riding up the highway, departing 6.45am opposite Lapo, feel free to join me, otherwise see you all at Woodford 8.15am.

Pedalgogy's picture

119 Where exactly is opposite Lapo? I will join you for the ride up.

Muninjitsu's picture

Steven, at the lights just up from Lapstone Hotel. Corner of GWHWY and coughlan road. 6:45am. I live just around the corner. 0417418125 if your late.

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Hi BMORC's. Not sure if I am reading the timetable correctly or not but I only see a 6:53 leaving Glenbrook followed by an 8:23. I'd hate to see you all turn up for a train and have to wait 1 hour. Is this right or am I reading the timetable incorrectly?

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Guys, if the riding (spills, mishaps, breaks, ...) is anything like this thread, you will well have one helluva time!

Just following this chain has been hoot. Everyone not going HAS to be envious, it just sounds so good. Smiling

One condition please. TAKE A GROUP PHOTO.

Actually, some before and afters should be good. Spot the differences? Smiling

Be safe, and have a ball.

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cambo, you are spot on.

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Guys you all need to remember tomorrows service is delayed between Central and Lithgow by 40 minutes.
Link here

So the 6:53 will depart Glenbrook at 7:33am.
This will arrive in Woodford at 8:03am.

cambo's picture

That gives me another 40 minutes in bed!!!

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Got my ride up and running today!!!


I aim to be a lapstone station around 6:40 and catch the next train up.

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See y'all at Woodford at 8:15am for push off from the Station.
Will be driving up so no rush... Evil

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Chuck's picture

Okay, it's ready, well it will do. See you at Woodford!!

ChopStiR's picture

Of to a good start, pumping the rear at Lapstone.

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Hope you're having a great time. Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics.

ChopStiR's picture

Jim took out the prestigious OTB award, Well done Laughing out loud

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And as I'm going to find a new bike for next year, all the guys who wanted to buy my bike (sorry I can't remember who you were), you can have it for $50! Shoot me a message if interested.


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Great day guys thanks for the commradary.

J the B's picture

Who was that goose?

Oh, it was me.

Chuck's picture

Another great day with the locals and visitors. Some classic moments and fun all round.

Here's all the photos. Video soon.

trim's picture

Great guys, great ride makes for great fun!

Thanks specially to Giles & Chuck for their stirling photo journalism throughout the event!

Pedalgogy's picture

Had a great day in a nice relaxed environment. Maybe next year we should also go as a favourite charater? I can just imagine myself riding along the highway up to Woodford dressed as my fav caped crusader. Some clown riding a nice looking black Diamond Back was yelling track all day. Don't know who that was?

Chuck's picture

Calling track didn't seem to work on the single track yesterday. I got stuck behind this slow guy on an old green bike. He even had those fancy clipless pedals and shoes which apparently help you ride faster.

Edit: This looks like him.

Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling Love your work Char.

My old bike works to well and had no issues apart for sloppy gear indexing on the twist shift. Might see if I can borrow my mother's bike for next year, if shes not using it that weekend.

Muninjitsu's picture

Hey Chuck maybe you will be able to be that slow guy with the fancy shoes on your mums bike next year!.....after all the spirit of the day was 'Social'. Who was that marsked crusader calling track!

Muninjitsu's picture

Guys i dont see the group photo we took at the start? Is is yet to come or didnt it work?

Chuck's picture

Jim hasn't loaded his photos yet Char.

J the B's picture

Just loaded them. I took about 130 photos, so I only re-sized and put up a selection. I have photos of just about everybody, so if you want me to send you the ones you're in (or a better res version), PM me.

Also, sorry, but I can't remember everyone's name. So if you add your name as a comment to the photo, I'll update the title.

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This is why we had the mono comp where it was.

JB from last years BASH.

Thanks for posting up the pics Jim.

ChopStiR's picture

Fantastic photos, Can't wait for next years BASH.

I have discovered my talent specialty in Mountain Biking
I'm a good roller Smiling Managed a max speed 51.2 km/h

Pedalgogy's picture

I had trouble trying to catch up to you Tim. Thats a good top speed for an SS.

Muninjitsu's picture

I concur he was definately slamming the fire trail.

trim's picture

Way to go Tim, but surely the real speed here was..."I've never been so fast"!!

Speed to 1 decimal place on a clunker ride just doesn't make sense to me...Laughing out loud

I think for next year we need to refine the guidelines to include no computer or GPS, so we can have serious bench racing sessions after the ride without fear of recrimination...or even worse...conflicting data!!

Chuck's picture

Way to go Tim!! You wouldn't catch me with a GPS clocking my top speed. Eye-wink

Muninjitsu's picture

I didn't even get that fast.

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