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Xmas BBQ?

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By Rob - Posted on 09 November 2007

Erm... quick... don't look now but seems like there's this Christmas time coming.

Seems the thing to do about now is arrange a BBQ!

Where? Manly Dam of course.

When? Ah... erm... how about Dec 8, 9, 15 or 16 (8th is already out)? Early arvo? Preceded by a lap of the Dam of course.

Any takers? Any preference on the dates? Perhaps I should contact Nicole and see if there's space!

All sorted, on Dec 15:

Little-Ditty's picture

Thumbs up mate. I will be there for whatever day you decide. I am easy. Thanks!! Smiling

Of course Nicole will let us use the facilities. She looks after those that look after her. Nothing like a bit of you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Harry's picture

Another great idea Rob and if not on the 8th I'm in.

Bruce's picture

Great idea, I should be there as long as no family commitments get in the way.

christine's picture

sounds like fun!!

MEEE Smiling

nate's picture

I'll come...unless it ends up on the 8th.

Matt's picture

As regards the facilities, in what way exactly do we look after the rangers??? There aren't exactly many of "us" who turn up to the trail days lately, if you expressed it as a percentage you'd be struggling to get into single figures, and besides I'm not sure they're even the rangers facilities. You're right, it's nothing like scratching anyone's back.

Good idea though Rob, while I won't be there as I'll be looking after either a very small child or a very pregnant mum, can I suggest Santa costumes and/or tinsel streamers for the Dam lap ;-}.

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there will be lots of experienced parents there to help out, you two might need a break by then. If your still looking after a very pregnant lady then what better place to let your hair down, there will probably be a doctor on hand.

BTW, see ya at the next trail day, if it doesn't get cancelled 'cause of the weather Eye-wink

Caro's picture

Count me in too!
Vote for Sunday the 16th but could make the other dates work too (apart from the 8th)
Are you going to be Santa, Stuart? Eye-wink

Carlgroover's picture

and I would like to be there, but the Blackmans 4 hour at Yellomundee is on the 9th and the Rocket has been sponsored for this race, any other date and we should be there.
Cheers John

Stuart M's picture

Why do you see something special you want Eye-wink?

GAZZA's picture

i thought pikey was the obvious candidate for santa? Im not saying youve got a fat belly greg, just the beard mate!

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