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What app did you use to create and tag your maps

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By amarkie - Posted on 21 June 2012

Hi Guys

Just wondering what app you used to create and tag your maps.



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If you're talking about the Garmin thumbnails, it's a matter of getting a Garmin GPS bike computer and establishing an account with Garmin Connect. Paste the link URL to the activity and Rob's platform does the rest.

Like this:

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Im not sure what your question is refering to.

If its the maps found in the rides Database (example) then the additions I have made were not made by an app but rather recorded while riding with my Garmin Edge 500. The data is then uploaded onto Garmin connect. From here I can export to the software Google Earth and then copy the track segment to the software TextPad(like notepad but better) and then I edit out unneeded co-ordinate nodes and check I havnt made mistakes by copying it back into Google Earth. The final track is then copied from Textpad and pasted into this website as a new KML format track entry.

Very Easy Laughing out loud

If your just looking for an app for your smart phone to record your rides, then I would recommend Strava

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Yep exactly what I wanted to know.

I'd never thought about manually editing the KML file .. You are the Old Elpaso Flat Taco Kid !!


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Both these apps for the iphone are really effective. You can transfer your maps into the apps as well.

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What I was really after was editing software .. where you can create a map and add waypoints, photos etc etc.

The easiest I've found so far is to build the maps in Map My Ride (or edit existing trails Ive done) then add the detail using Google Earth.

If anyone has a free one stop solution that would be great.

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On PC there is Oz Explorer. But you'll need to load your own map, not sure if it's support Garmin maps.
No version for Mac of this software.

On Mac (and PC too) there is Basecamp from Garmin, but Google Earth still better.
I found also something called TrailRunner (here), never tried.

I personally like to work from Google Maps, and use My Maps.

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