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Have you tried our new Trails Finder?

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As we mentioned a while back the trails DB on this site has had a bit of work done recently. With points of interest and other features now able to be classified we've been able to build a complete trails finder page.

On there, you can filter and search by features and instantly see on the map where those trails are.

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What app did you use to create and tag your maps

Hi Guys

Just wondering what app you used to create and tag your maps.



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Sydney bike paths/cycle ways

Does anyone know of a website that shows all the bike paths and cycleways around the Sydney Basin? Each Council area seems to have their own but was hoping there is a collective view somewhere

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Aerial map site

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Came across this site

When you look at Glenrock it has some of the trail names in - interesting.


[Mod. moved to Newcastle & Hunter]

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Colour Coded Trails

Manly Dam in Google Earth

Some of you may have noticed a whole heap of 'Track' content types popping up recently. This is as we will finally have colour coded maps shortly. All the KMZ files have been previously created by hand which meant the author (whoever that was Eye-wink) decided to draw the trails in completely random colours.

Soon the KMZ (well, KML file, actually) will be generated from the data in these 'Track' nodes on the site, meaning they can be colour coded according to type (firetrail, single track, etc.). An example of what this looks like is Manly Dam seen here. OK, sneak peak of full auto generated file here.

As a by product of all this we'll get some stats on Km of trails by type, location, etc.

And just a reminder of course, anyone in the Content Authors group can create a write up of an area worth riding in, and now create 'Track' content types too so individual trails can be mapped and discussed. There's more on that in the Content Author's Reference.

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