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By novomongoose - Posted on 27 October 2010

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Came across this site

When you look at Glenrock it has some of the trail names in - interesting.


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Looks a lot like Open Street Map...

Check out Glenrock there:

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must only be recent as my ute's in the picture-better than google earth!

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Just found that Google Earth has a nice elevation/speed profile feature for all you GPS addicts out there...

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For the nearmap stuff, that's what his map is based on that he posted on the site.

He's away ATM but I'm sure he can tell you all about it when he gets back.

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It looks a lot like Open Street Map because it IS !!
I beleive that NearMaps will also soon be developing an editing interface to allow users to contribute to the OSM data.
The Glenrock trail data is there because someone has thought it worthwhile to map it.
Some of the trails around the Northern Beaches in OSM are my efforts...

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Nearmap is pretty cool if it covers the area you are in. I believe it's aerial photography and I think the guy that does it developed his own camera or something. They claim is is more accurate than Google Earth (<1m rings a bell). It's also really recent - Newcastle gets 3 monthly updates.

The trail map overlap is straight from OSM but it lags by several months. Plus it also doesn't (or didn't when I last looked) show the fire trails properly.

I've been fiddling with the OSM maps of Glenrock for a while. I can't take credit for the original mapping but I've been trying to bring it up to date so it reflects the current layout.

You can use Nearmap as the slippy layer (background image for tracing stuff out) in JOSM (OSM editor).

The trail map I posted up is actually based on this. It's a stitched together series of JOSM screenshots with a Nearmap slippy layer. I simply lay it all up in Photoshop then trace out the trails from the JOSM data layer. Sounds a bit involved but its actually pretty quick.

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Browny and others have done some nice work at Glenrock. I've added most of Yellomundee and if I ride there again over summer I'll try to bring it up to the Glenrock standard.

There's a licence issue at the moment with Nearmap and tracing to OpenStreetMap, mostly to do with the new Licences, not sure what will happen in the future.

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