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Can anyone please recommend any tracks that hold up well after all this rain?

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By Narralakes - Posted on 02 March 2013

Morning gents,
keen for a ride tomorrow morning, but after all this rain, not sure which tracks are not too wet. I have ridden the Perimeter track a couple of times after its rained and found it lots of fun, although a few puddles, but hey, isnt getting dirty some of the fun? Manly dam I see is closed, how about Bairne or can someone recommend other trails? I'm relatively new to MTB so something around intermediate level, thanks!

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Stick to the firetrails Laughing out loud..Was going to do the oaks today but I would check the causeway depth before doing it Smiling

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doesn't seem to mind the wet. If you want an hours drive out there. Given all the rain the last few weeks you could well be breaking the spider webs too.

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Yeah but if its wet I think GNR is bike destroying territory

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Lol I think you learned that first hand, didn't you? Was a pretty expensive training ride for a few blokes from here about this time last year Eye-wink

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I wasn't on that infamous ride but yeah, that one was quite expensive for some I believe.

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Sounds interesting. I've done a few hikes up the GNR, but never rode it. Will do one day. Something a bit closer to the northern beaches would be preferable for tomorrow, any thoughts on Bairne?

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I've don't GNR several times after heavy rain and it hasn't been too bad; of all the tracks I've been on, GNR seems to weather the best. That being said, after long, persistent rain, it was pretty wet the last time I wen't, and if you don't want to damage your bike, probably you should hike a couple of sections, but mostly should be rideable.

That being said, I was going to do GNR this weekend, but am not going off road at all due to the wetness (for the second weekend in a row Sad )

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