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OMV to start the day

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By Narralakes - Posted on 25 March 2013

Rode the track today for the first time. It really did live up to all the great reviews I've read, the Hornsby riders and council did an amazing job. Did the green, blue and black 3 times each and even though I'd classify myself as an intermediate rider, I felt confident (but not totally) after the 2nd time round and could make most of the obstacles, except a couple of the logs. The switch backs and bridges were angled perfectly. After all the discussion on the crowds there, I was glad I had a morning there before work and it was uncrowded.Only one other rider there and he was heaps away, apart from him, had it to myself so I could take it easy.

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Hey Narralakes, that other rider might have either been me or my partner. I ride OMV most mornings before work and it's a great way to start the day. The trail is very peaceful at that time of day (and may it remain so). Glad you enjoyed the trail. Wait 'till they add another 3.5kms!

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I arrived there about 7 and the rider was heading down the trail as I was getting ready, were you there that early? How lucky are you! Riding it most mornings, I'm envious, that is an amazing track that you could really hone your skills on , it has most everything. I read on this forum it gets hectic, especially on the weekends, so I'll try to avoid those days, I'm not the fastest rider and I dont want to upset the pace setters. The fog came over for a while, but didnt affect the trail, just the oval, put a nice mystical feel on the ride. Another 3.5 kms! Will they be black or blue trails?

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OMV Map Feb 2013

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That looks great and will onlly make a great track better, thanks.

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