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Last Minute Trail Advice

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By intellikat - Posted on 29 March 2013

So... I'm taking out a new rider this Sunday morning and I want to give her a great experience that turns her ON to biking, not off.

I rebuilt a vintage HT Cannondale F500 for her to use (not a big $ investment). She currently cruises around on a hybrid Giant and loves it, so she knows about gearing and braking and such. But she's never really been off-road.

Any advice on some beginner trails that would turn her to the light side of the force would be appreciated.

Things to consider:

1) I'm picking her up in Concord, so I'm thinking Sydney North would be a good area to ride.
2) Probably wide firetrail without alot of other rider traffic so she can take her time if needed.
3) No major technical sections or hills to contend with.
4) Leafy shade, maybe some sights.

Yeah, it's a challenge. What do you think?

That, or throw her down Appin Smiling

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I'd suggest Long Trail out Terrey Hills way...took my missus there for her first spin and she enjoyed it!-

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Thanks mate! Checking it out now.

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Absolutely. Long Track is Newbie friendly. Start from Japanese school in Terrey Hills

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Long has nice views at the end as well

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Another vote for Long Trail. There's a steep pinch at the end, but hardly anybody rides it. Just stay left and walk it

Take a picnic lunch, the views at the end are spectacular.

Suggest starting at the Japanese School entrance. More info can be found by clicking the Rides tab at the top.

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If she crashes you've lost her for good!

Take her somewhere easy like Lane Cove NP along the fire trails. Follow it up with lunch at The Cooks Garden Nth Turramurra, some Pinot and she'll be talking of her first mountain bike experience for weeks!

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LOL thanks all. Will update on the results.

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Nice profile pic, Brian-- that's a Fling shot if I've ever seen one.

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Be aware that there is one sharp descent and pinch climb near the beginning ...encourage her to get off if she wants to. Best tip for the Missus was not too focus on obstacles in the path but keep looking ahead beyond them!Have fun and ride as slow!

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Yep, the 2012 Fling.

Oh and that sharp descent and pinch that twotommos mentions is less then 1km in if you park at the school. I took my missus on an adhoc ride there many years ago, we entered at the school, she descended that first descent, crashed and broke her shoulder. Had to get air lifted out and everything. A massive plate was inserted and months of physio so it wasn't a good intro at all.

Fling pic below Smiling
Highland Fling Pic 1

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Impressive list of races and times, Brian Smiling

OK, I will certainly beware the descent and walk it with her. We will discuss things such as Gilmore Girls and sushi on the way down, thereby flooding out any fear with dopamine.

Yes. "Look where you want to go, not where you are going." Got it.

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If you head out Blue Mountains way, I would strongly recommend Faulconbridge Point. Easy out and back ride, 7km one way. Only the a couple of short pinch climbs. Great view from the lookout at the end.

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Thanks Chop. I was originally thinking of the mountains... due to wide firetrails and areas of relatively flat terrain, as well as some views. I think I got a bit lazy in terms of the drive, though Smiling

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It was a good morning for a ride... overcast so not hot, good surface and just enough fellow riders to keep it feeling social. We got a bit of advice from another helpful rider at the Japanese school and set off. No crashes, she rode all the hills except the first steep bit by the golf course, and enjoyed the views near the end. With 10 being extremely likely to ride again and 0 being extremely unlikely, she gave it a 7 due to exhausted calves, gloves that were too big, and no padded tights. I'd call it a win. Thanks all!

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Hi John,
Nice meeting you at the start this morning.
Glad she loved it.

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AWWWESOMMEEE....glad it went well!

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