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Join a ride: Sat @ Manly Dam, Sun @ Terrey Hills

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By Rob - Posted on 23 August 2013

Old timers

If you're in Sydney and looking out of the window right now things might look very promising for the weekend, but... the forecast is good so it's time to think about where to ride.

Last week we asked, Where are you riding this weekend?

This week we give thanks to those who share their plans in advance in the calendar, inviting others along for the ride. That's exactly what this site is about. Getting out there, having fun, meeting new people.

Is there any better way to explain that then to take a look at the smiling 'old time' faces from a group ride at Manly Dam last weekend. Looked like a perfect day all round!

So why not join a ride at Manly Dam Saturday Morning or Terrey hills / St Ives on Sunday? Announce your intent by clicking the "...change to show you're in" link on the meeting page. If these don't suit, everyone is welcome to post up their plans if they'd like some company.

And again, thanks to the ride posters, and please keep it up. Remember - if you don't get any takers just keep trying - there's plenty of guys out there reading this who may join you next time.

P.S. Oh... and we have to mention this... please understand what exactly meetings here are about.

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A very positive and inspiring post Rob. Nice one.

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most of them smiling old faces are serious racers now & aren't worried about social rides anymore & showing newbies around & meeting new ppl , they are out there training to get a spot on the podium ( hope i'm not stepping on anybodys toes ) & I like cheering them on at races that I attend as a marshall or racer myself ????

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Even racers get out for a social every so often - some anyway Sticking out tongue

When posting a ride, it can be a good idea to mention if it's going to be race pace or a social ride
But in the countless number of group rides I've been on, I've never struck anyone with attitude - quite the opposite
And when you ride in a group, you lift to the occasion and ride harder and longer than if you were by yourself

So as Rob says, don't be afraid to post up or join in on group rides - they're fun and challenging
Of the 20+ people that turned up that weekend, we all met through rides on this site
And even though I haven't lived in Sydney for over 4 years, we can still get together and smash it up

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