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The Common MTB Festival

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By cambo - Posted on 09 April 2014

Why are there so few people doing the 7 hour Common MTB Festival this Sunday at Dungog? C'mon, with the Mont cancelled surely some of you out there are up for it!

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First I have heard of it.

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Bit reluctant to let the secret out. What the people of the Hunter know. But as my good mate Cambo has, more the merrier.

My favourite race, sad to see it cancelled last year. Want happen this year if only 50 riders turn up, it will still go ahead. Because the people running the race are in it for the right reasons, not just to make a quick dollar.

Great location, great track, great atmosphere. With the local cover band cranking out the hits. Mountain bike movies on the big screen, 16" racing under lights and the Local Lions spag bol for dinner and B and E rolls for breaky. Doesn't get any better.

Camping up on the ridge over looking Dungog and out towards the Tops.

This race is more about the baggy shorts than speed suits, racing for beers with your mates, than sucking gels for the glory and bucks. Jason English did win it the first year, but he's not your average glory boy.

Your not going to win big dollars, be crowned some series super hero. What you are going to get is a great race in a great location, with the awesome atmosphere, supporting the local community.

Bit like a well organised club round, but with atmosphere.

3 hours from Sydney, get up there Saturday arvo , rego open both Sat and Sun morning.

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Really good track up there. Lots of rocks which will keep you on your toes for the whole lap.

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Such a great event! The event two years ago was one of the best I've been to. Great vibe.

I can't make it this year - but I hope it continues. Great track too.

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Again this years event was smaller than in 2012. About 110 riders.
Still my favourite event, causal, awesome track, great atmosphere.
Thanks to Les and the team for a great event again. Definitely back next year.
This is what grass roots mountain bike racing is all about, the 3 B's.
Bikes, Beer and Bacon.
So pencil it in your calendars for next year.

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