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Anyone ridden to the top of Thredbo?

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By GAZZA - Posted on 03 January 2015

I'm in Thredbo at the moment and keep looking at the lazy buggers getting the chairlifts to the top.
Anyone know of a way to ride up there?
I've looked at Google earth and maps and there seems to be a few access/maintenance trails around but are they too steep or not rideable?
Anyone been stupid enough to ride up there?

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be the first numpty to ride up it Gazza?!Personally i love riding thredbo and i enjoy the chairs-the views are sensational and after youve done 10 plus runs your hands and forearms(and back) appreciate the rest.That been said there is an access road that goes to the top of eagles nest alot of it is blue gravel and the downhill thrack crosses it and starts on it but you being such a wippet these days i say go for it Eye-wink

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I've ridden up about a quarter of the way, starting from Friday Flat (well, ridden and walked.....). I'm no mountain goat and found it pretty hard going, but the service trail keeps going up from where I got to. Not sure how far you'd have to go up to get onto the flow track, but I did get to ride down some of the DH track. Until I had an off and broke my rear der hanger.... Sad

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I'd say the first section is the longest/steepest/hardest.
I stopped once to wait for Martine then stopped again due to loss of traction.
It's certainly a challenge climbing over 600mtrs in about 7km ( I think? )
We rode all the way to the Top Station then rode The Flow Trail on the way down. Very doable even on a hardtail.
Would I do it again? Yes, because I'm a bit of an idiot at times!!!

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I'd be spending the rest of the day in the pub beer garden looking back up at that climb.......

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Apartment balcony looks straight up the chairlifts to the top!

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Did you climb up Merrits? I did that a few years back but only up to the middle station. Yes - silly steep.

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I was just there, saw a couple pushing bikes up through the fields under the chairlift, it did take them a long time to get to the top though.

I was one of the lazy buggers.

Can thoroughly recommend Thredbo in summer, accommodation is plentiful and reasonably priced.

Plenty to do for people that don't ride bikes as well.. I even managed to get my other half to have a go on the flow track.

Combined with the Wicked Wombat on NYE with its fantastic course and the mild alpine daytime temps for other adventures I will be back at the end of this year.

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