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Beter Than....

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By Flynny - Posted on 13 May 2008

A glorious night for a ride saw 6 of us meet at the bottom of Bergoffers Pass. Just don't fall to the left, was the advice given to the night riding newbie. Strange as it seems the view in the dark seems even bigger as you look on on the tiny house lights in the distance.

From there we cruised on up to the top, took a left into the ST leading Lockyers line of Road. Some little pinches before turning on to Lockyers with the now firm water bars and winding single trail. Absolute majic!

We paused at the top of a pinch to regroup and the question was asked "Hands up who thinks that isn't better than sex." eerily no hands went up. It might have something to do with who they are having sex with, me I was afraid if I put my hand up he'd make a pass at me.. but either way the riding this trail offers at night is second to none.

We keep going, Peter, who has been riding this trial once a week to get from home at Mt Vic to work at Lithgow, tell us that he has yet to conquer the chute besides the stairs. I've binned it 5 times out of 5 he said. O now make that 6 from 6.

"We're here I may as well give it a go." he said. The image of the idiotic grin turning to wide eyed horror in a BLM (Bowel Liquefying Moment) was priceless. Some how No harm done.

Next we head further in Hartley vale and up Lawsons Long Alley. I'd only ever ridden down and all I remember was one steep DH and some nice ST through pleasant farmland. We wind our way up the valley, firstly of dirt lane and then one some nicely winding ST, passing a few houses (more than I remember) along the way.

And then it turned to the right.... That wasn't so bad but when it turn left again it started to hurt. It wasn't so much the grade, which was steep enough, but the proliferation of baby heads which prevented you from keeping a straight line and putting some power down, needless to say we were of and walking to the gate.

With energy lagging and batteries fading the better-than-sex call was revoked.

Once through the gate it was a steep by smoother ride to the top.

We regroup again. Pijs light has now completely gone so he takes the run down Bergoffers sans light, we try and keep him ringed with our light and we actually make pretty good time. All up a nice ride and a better beer at the end.

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A little tired now. But that was fun

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I remember this ride we did that day with RTA help, remember? About a year ago? This is a sweet ride, and something I look forward to doing again. Nice, funny write up. Smiling

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