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Mt Vic

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Beter Than....

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A glorious night for a ride saw 6 of us meet at the bottom of Bergoffers Pass. Just don't fall to the left, was the advice given to the night riding newbie. Strange as it seems the view in the dark seems even bigger as you look on on the tiny house lights in the distance.

From there we cruised on up to the top, took a left into the ST leading Lockyers line of Road. Some little pinches before turning on to Lockyers with the now firm water bars and winding single trail. Absolute majic!

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Mt York

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Saturday, 20 October, 2007 - 11:30
Meeting Point: 

Imperial park Mt Victoria

Station St and Harley Ave, Mt Victoria, NSW

OK this is a CTMBC ride but open to everyone (you'll need to sign the disclaimer but there are no entry fees). It is part of the Celebrations of the 175 anniversary of the opening of Victoria Pass.

There will be plenty of things to do and see besides the ride, including Historical re-enactments at both Mt Victoria and Heartly Historic village so use it as an excuse to bring to family/better half up to the mountains for a bit of culture (the duck off for a ride while they are not looking).

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