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3 Ring Circus 2015

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By ahein - Posted on 14 July 2015

Sunday, 26 July, 2015 - 10:00
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Wingello State Forest
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4Km SW of Wingello village on Caoura Rd there's a small base camp within the forest - seems as good a place as any.

-34.715945, 150.191268

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up! Bring bikes, bring the family to the Big Top on 25-26 July. See wild trails tamed, be charmed by the snaking singletrack, watch OTB acrobatics and riders juggling speed and stamina.…………Fairy floss will flow, handlebars may be swallowed.

The 3 Ring Circus is coming to town………

Who's in?
garyinoz, Antsonline, twotommos, pommyracer, Tristania, danielschipper, ahein, xmas, all74, Captain Chunder (10 riders)
garyinoz Antsonline twotommos pommyracer Tristania danielschipper ahein xmas all74 Captain Chunder
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Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Tristania Fifty Kilometres is Enough! Finished 02:28:00 27 Open Male 16-29 8
twotommos 3 Ring Circus 2015 Finished 02:47:37 61 Masters Male 40-49 14
pommyracer Great weekend away. Will miss this race Finished 03:14:01 106 Veteran Male 30-39 30
ahein Second circus Finished 03:17:23 114 Veteran Male 30-39 32
Antsonline 3 Ring 2015: 10 Lessons Learnt Finished 03:40:00 Veteran Male 30-39

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Captain Chunder's picture

Any ideas on how long it will take to get there from Mona Vale - google say 2:20

Also - when the course transitions from fire road to Single track is there normally a hold up - was thinking of waiting till this point to eat after the first 6km loop rather than stopping at the big top.

The course and other feedback on here says that you pass through the "big top" - I assume you can leave some water bottles etc next to the course (like at Shimano GP)?


all74's picture

99 percent of the single track is in the red ring and last years started about 1/3 the way into that. This year there is a bit more single track earlier I think. All three rings transition into the same start finish spot so you can leave stuff there, but they have food and drink you can take after the red ring You won't want to stop at all after the blue ring, it is over in a flash and is only there to sort out the field. There are a few new riders in this race, nothing wrong with that (that could describe me now really), but often fit young people out ride me on the fire trail and then hold me up in the singletrack, just part of the fun. Unless you are 4 hours plus in finishing, I think waiting for the single track to clear is not likely to work, better to get ahead a bit if your fit enough. Be a real MTBer and eat on the bike! 2.20 from Mona Vale sounds optimistic, earlier is better as the parking can be a bit crowded and you have to register by a certain time before the race. See you on the trail!

Captain Chunder's picture

Guess I will be leaving a little earlier than planned - will aim to get there before 8am - so out the door before 5:30 - OUCH!!

What I was referring to in regards to the start of the single track is whether there is a traffic jam - so can use that time to have a feed and swallow salt tablets - either way a 30 second stop to dig them out wont really kill my time as if I can through the RED ring in less that 2:30 (and with I will be very happy). Then pull up after the red, refill water etc and get ready to tackle the hills.

Say hi if you see a RED Specialized epic going very slow!


all74's picture

I've only ridden twice, once slow (3:58) and once very slow (4:29!)I've never found a queue as such, just slower single track riders. The race is not as busy as say the Fling where you might queue to get over a creek. I stop when i'm tired, hungry, need a leak, full moon, any excuse will do for me really. Mainly I stop on halfway hill, alot!

Antsonline's picture

I'm looking forward to it, but not to try and improve on last years very frustrating 2nd place.
This year, as a promise made to my dear wife and her best mate, I am riding with them in their first MTB race - chaperoning them around the whole race.
I expect us to be pretty close to the back and am looking forward to having a different perspective on the racing. in particular I am looking forward to the odd queue for the ST or to just riding with people we meet on the trail, and having enough wind in my lungs to conduct a sensible conversation!

See you down there. She'll be a fresh one!!

Captain Chunder's picture

Might be a one way conversation as us "BOP'ers are usually either to buggered to talk or too sh1t scared too (remember you will be riding amongst very talented MTB'ers who easily crash on the Duckholes ST!!!)

feel free to take a note pad for B&E orders - I am sure your wife will be fine with you pressing on towards the end of the Red loop so that the B&E's are ready for collection upon arrival.

Enjoy your day out Ants

Antsonline's picture

I really am looking forward to it. It'll be super fun.

Little tip (for anyone worried about cold toes) - you dont want to wear roadie style overshoes - as they tear on rocks and dont grip well.
So...a square (15cmx15cm) of kitchen foil (ally foil) around your sock / toe end, then put your foot into your shoe - built in wind-proofing and warmth, with no weight penalty, no discomfort (you will forget its there in 10secs) and wont retain water and become heavy if its wet.
I'll be doing it for sure. Hate cold toes!

See you down there.

ahein's picture

Good tip, it's going to be freezing down there on Sunday. I am looking forward to the race but not the early start to get out of Sydney Eye-wink.

Good luck to all the nobmobers on Sunday

Captain Chunder's picture

Forecast for Sunday currently says 3-11 "Frost then sunny"

Essential packing tip - beanie!!!!

jp's picture

My mouse is hovering over the "enter" button...

all74's picture

SWAG! Free Osprey Hydration Bladder with every entry.

ahein's picture

Pity that was the last 3 ring circus, have to say it was a tough day out especially with that wind, found myself yelling at the headwind after halfway hill as well as being blown all over the trail

danielschipper's picture

If anyone had a video off me during that last 10 K's I may be committed to a mental ward! That wind was so cold, strong and only ever blew from in front or from the side.

Great day out though and disappointed it's the last one. I would be back next year if it was on... would just pray for no wind!

xmas's picture

But how good was the red ring??? Heaps of fun:)

It is sad to see it go. But numbers were down significantly on previous years.

You can build it but if they don't come???... the promoter walks...

Antsonline's picture

Had a great day out, full of drama and event.
I have done a little story about everything I learnt today (lots!) in my blog - here:

Re the race finishing - yes, its very sad. I think its am absolutely classic event - that is long enough to be tough, but not so long that its impossible for even a novice (read above).

See you all at the Fling - the tough guys 3 Ring Eye-wink

hawkeye's picture

Is this because everybody is shifting to 1x drivetrains? (boom tish Eye-wink )

Bloody SRAM have a lot to answer for...

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