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MTB in Seville Reserve (Carlingford)

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By Runo - Posted on 01 January 2016

I went for a ride in Lake Parramatta and found a number of signs saying that the land is not public and belongs to King's school. Does anyone know if Seville reserve with the maze of good quality single tracks also below to them of if it is perfectly legal to ride them ?

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Most of the best trails you are refering to are all on Kings property
and is not legal to ride them,if you past through gates or hole's
in the fence's you are on King's land both sides of the creek.I'd say
ride at your own RISK.


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Thanks Joe. The signs are obvious on the southern side of the creek (hunts creek) but no signs or fence on Plymouth avenue and heaps of nice single track from there down to the creek. Is that still property of King'school ?

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