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By Tristania - Posted on 02 June 2016

Posted on Hornsby Shire Council. Sweet.

Hornsby Shire Council has some great news for the thousands of mountain bikers who love the trail in Old Mans Valley: it is going to stay open throughout the rehabilitation of Hornsby Quarry.

“For a while it looked like we would have to shut it down, but now it will only need to close for a few months while it is altered,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell said.

“Council knows what that trail means to a lot of people, so we put considerable effort into finding a solution that would allow it to stay open.

“The extent of that effort can be seen in the fact that a section of the new trail will pass under a road, while another section will go over a conveyor belt carrying crushed rock into the quarry.”

It is being redesigned by Synergy Trails, who are renowned for their sustainable trails and have already conducted some work on Hornsby’s trail.

The length of the trail will remain the same, while a new trailhead will be opened in Hornsby Park.

“It’s an outstanding result,” Sydney North Off Road Cycling president Campbell King said.

“It would have been a lot easier for Council to close it through this period, but they’ve obviously listened to the concerns of the mountain biking community.”

The new design will retain the variety of experience levels that is one of Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail’s best features.

“It will still be possible for a child to ride the green loop the first time they climb onto a mountain bike, then work all the way up to the black trail as their skills develop,” Mayor Russell said.

“Even more exciting for mountain bikers are the future possibilities once the quarry precinct is opened to the public.

“An extension of the mountain bike trail is high on the list of possible features in the new park.”

The work to alter Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail will begin in July and is expected to take around three months.

Thanks to everyone who's passionately campaigned for this, not to mention who have just ridden there to increase the support in numbers.

May be worth shooting off the councillors a message of thanks, as well as MP Matt Kean, all of whom have been instrumental in this.

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Northconnex and Synergy Trails will be moving onto the site in late June / early July to start the work. The whole area (all trails) will be closed down whilst the relocation works occurs. This will take approx. 4 months.

Good News
- the beginner trail is going to be better and go through some cool land forms rather than a desert wasteland
- the intermediate (aqua) trails are going to be enhanced and provide a better transition from green to blue.
- Turkey Royale and Lava Flow remain (although hopefully enhanced)
a funky tunnel will be run underneath where the truck are coming in.
- a fly over will be built over the conveyor. These will allow a full loop to be completed safely.
- a pump trail / dirt jumps (and hopefully skills park) will be added.

Bad News

- the whole place is going to be shut for 4 months whilst the work is done.

Need somewhere to ride in the mean time? Email us at and we will guide you.

More information can be found at (including a higher res map):

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