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Event: Old Mans Valley Hornsby Sunday 17 March

This Sunday at Old Mans Valley (Hornsby Mountain Bike Trails).

Social rides, demos, dirt jumps, prizes and giveaways.

See attached image for details

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OMV Lava Flow Reopen

Just a shout out that Old Man's Valley has FINALLY opened it's second stage after an extended closure due to Northconnex with the completion of two tunnels under the access track.

Check out the newest track video for a preview:

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Hornsby Park (OMV) Update

****This will be up on Saturday 20th as well****

Hornsby Mall has a community feedback on the recent submissions regarding the Hornsby Park area. Won't say much as I'll let the photos of the signs speak for themselves.

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Edit - Postponed One Week! Rake and Ride - Be a Trail Fairy at OMV

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Saturday, 20 May, 2017 - 14:00
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Old Man's Valley
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End of Quarry Road, Hornsby - Parking is well signposted, directing cars to park at the END of the road. If this is full, park in the Dural Street carpark.


It seems like an eternity since local riders met up to groom the trails at Old Man Valley. Well, the opportunity it on again on 13/5.

There's a lot of vegetation growth and debris on the OMV trails atm. The budget is running thin and so we need riders to get in a help with the basic maintenance. This will allow Synergy to work on bits they need to finish.

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The Future of OMV - Hornsby Council Stakeholder Meeting

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Last night (Thursday), 7 other mountain bikers and I met with several Hornsby Councillors as part of the latter's consultation process of the future of Hornsby Park and how the land could be best used for.

So, what’s going on?

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Old Mans Valley to Stay Open

OMV to Stay Open

In case you missed the good news, OMV to Stay Open.

There had been talk of shutting down an all too rare pocket of legal single track in our area, but long term closure looks to have been averted.

Rehabilitation work in the area around the track is due to start in July, so please keep an eye out for notices around this and respect any re-routing of the trail.

Full details in the link above. Thanks to Tristania for the heads up.

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OMV to Stay Open

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Posted on Hornsby Shire Council. Sweet.

Hornsby Shire Council has some great news for the thousands of mountain bikers who love the trail in Old Mans Valley: it is going to stay open throughout the rehabilitation of Hornsby Quarry.

“For a while it looked like we would have to shut it down, but now it will only need to close for a few months while it is altered,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell said.

“Council knows what that trail means to a lot of people, so we put considerable effort into finding a solution that would allow it to stay open.

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OMV Bushcare (from SNORC)

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The newest update from SNORC.
Also check out their previous one if you haven't already.
A group of SNORCers have formed a Bushcare group

"Hi xxx,

OMV Bushcare

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OMV Closure & Northconnex - an Update

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As many of you know, the hugely popular track at Hornsby will need to be closed off shortly as the Northconnex project requires passage for vehicles to the Quarry. Understandably, there has been a great outcry about this with pleas to save the track.

After this liaison, here is the latest update, emailed to SNORC members:

Hi xxx,

So what new trails are in store for Hornsby Shire for 2016?

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