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OMV Lava Flow Reopen

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By Tristania - Posted on 21 December 2017

Just a shout out that Old Man's Valley has FINALLY opened it's second stage after an extended closure due to Northconnex with the completion of two tunnels under the access track.

Check out the newest track video for a preview:

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Great news:)

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Lava Flow rocks. We need more trail like that. A little bit of Rotorua in Sydney.

Just be ready for the last corner, it's blind and off-camber just to keep you honest!

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I had no idea it's been re-opened.

I'll make my way there as soon as possible. Exciting!

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It really is excellent - or at least until you try for too many laps and run out of steam halfway. So grippy and in great condition, its such a pleasure to ride.

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