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General Questions Answered

Q: Who or what is 'The NoBMob'?

A: We're just a social bunch of people who like to ride trails around Sydney. See the About page.

Q: What's this 'Northern Beaches' place?

A: You know... Sydney, Australia? Down under, where kangaroos roam the streets and there's a BBQ in every back yard, host of the year 2000 Olympic games, largest city in Australia (but not the capital). Anyhow, you get the idea... the Northern Beaches is an area of this great city located North of the harbour and close to the coastline. Despite being a populated area there are many National Parks that provide various trails for our delight!

Q: You're joking about the kangaroos, right?

A: Well, yes and no. They don't roam the streets but it's possible to see a lot of wildlife in the places we ride - Wallabies, Goannas, Black Cockatoos, snakes!, etc, etc.

Q: How do I join?

Ah, you haven't read about us yet. We're not a club, you don't have to join. Of course this means we are not tour guides, don't have insurance and aren't going to look after you - even when you arrange to meet in the forum you are your own boss. Please read the disclaimer about this.

Q: OK, no worries... so let's go riding! Where do we meet?

A: Keep an eye on the rides calendar (also on the front page) to keep up to date on the latest plans. There's usually someone posting ride suggestions weekly. A lot of people like Saturday & Sunday rides, meeting at 8:30am, but there are other times around. Propose your own time or place in the appropriate location specific forum if nothing seems on - something a bit different usually brings people out of the woodwork.

Q: Nice, is this for 'anything goes' conversations?

A: Not really. Take a look at the other categories in the forum.

Q: Wow, this XYZ fella posts many rides in the the calendar, how do I know I can keep up with them, or that they won't be too slow for me?

A: That's tricky unless you've actually met XYZ. We have the rather tongue in cheek hot laps page to give you some idea of relative speed, but not many people seem to post there (think they are a bit shy, but don't be - it's just a bit of fun). Best thing is to show up and say hello, if you don't find someone your pace or style to begin with then try, try again.

Q: Hey, you said this trail was easy but I fell off and broke my bike/arm/ego!

A: Sorry, but you should always ride within your ability, and only you know where your limit lies. Please read the disclaimer.

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