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Site Questions Answered

Q: Who maintains this site?

A: You do! No really! If you're a registered user feel free to create new content or comment on any of the other stuff you see here. Authors (that's you) are encourage to integrate useful comments into their posts regularly, so keep an eye on your content.

There's a moderation queue of course to deter spam and abuse but if you have something to add please do. Normally moderated content appears very quickly (almost instantly to a day or two).

Q: What fancy stuff can I enter in my posts/comments?

We're talking about the 'Body' section of posts here, comments and private messages.

A subset of HTML is allowed for limited formatting. We also use some special codes for linking to content (see images below for example). Have a look at the Compose tips page for the full gory details of this.

Paragraph and line breaks are handled automatically though. Just make sure you hit return/enter/whatever twice for a paragraph break so there's a blank line between them as you're writing.

Q: How do I post pictures here?

A: See How to post photographs.

Q: Erm... OK, what about other stuff?

A: The easy content types (forum topics, ride meetings, blog entries, etc), are listed directly under the 'Create...' menu on the left, and for many this is good enough. If you want to be even more active though (ride database entries, hot lap challenges, etc.) then expand the 'More...' entry at the bottom.

Please see the Content Author's Reference for full details of all the content types available and when/where to use them.

Q: I've published my pictures and some other content. But how do I include pictures in that other content?

A: See How to link photographs.

Q: So, all this stuff on the left is cool and all but I'm not interested, can I remove it?

A: Sure thing, go to your profile, click 'Edit' and uncheck the stuff you don't like under 'Block configuration'.

Q: There sure are some 'interesting' sounding people here, how do I contact them?

A: Well, first off you'll have to register because this hopefully means you are a real person and not some sort of spambot. Then you will be able to view profiles, from where you can either PM someone or if a they have chosen to make an email address public, e-mail away.

Q: Do you have any RSS feeds?

A: Sure - you can actually get just about any page/section you like as a feed, check out the feeds page.

Q: Can I advertise my services here (commercial or otherwise)?

A: No. Blatantly commercial posts that have not been sanctioned by site moderators are likely to deleted without warning. That said, please contact the moderators as depending on the cause we may approve your post.

Q: What about my commercial event?

A: We are more than happy to support local events and the MTB community. Please add your event to the calendar. This is done in the same was as a social ride, but... remember to choose the appropriate race type (circuit or point to point) from the "Meeting types" drop down and complete as much information as you can. Specifically, please complete the "Categories" (one per line) that riders can enter into as this helps if users later blog about the event and include their result.

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