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Should I login or surf as a guest?

We notice there are always a lot of guests online here. Depending on what suits you, you might not want to register, and even if you register you might not always surf logged in. However, being logged in is good because:

  1. The site remembers what you've read and what you haven't.
  2. Related to the point above, you can always visit the 'my unseen' tab and check for content you haven't read. If you are fed up with all the 'new' and 'updated' flags everywhere just go there and tell it to 'Mark all content as read' - they will disappear. Well... until someone posts or updates something of course.
  3. You can post ride meetings and signal your intent to join others in their social rides, training, races, etc.
  4. You can comment on most posts and take part in discussion in the forums.
  5. Look at other user's profiles. Read all about their hot laps, race results, etc.
  6. PM (Private Message) your buddies (or anyone on the site for that matter). Unless you have email notifications turned on, you'll only be notified of your PMs when logged in.
  7. If you are more adventurous have a go at publishing your own information. Have a look at the Content Author's Reference for more info.

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