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Get Lost, got lost

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By valierm - Posted on 08 September 2008

I'm planning a weekend trip to Ouriumbha with me bird and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on not getting lost.

Since i've been here i've been to cascade, manly dam, oxford falls, narrabean lake (although ended up in oxford falls) and the place down south campbell town with the xc course, and every time i've been completely lost.

Now it doesn't help that i get lost walking to the shops or driving to work, but i was wondering if anyone can recommend any maps (and where to buy them), techniques, sat nav (i have a garmin for my car) or otherwise (bread crumbs etc) to assist.

I'm english and when dusk approaches in the bush it scares me.

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On most weekends, there are heaps of dudes riding both the XC and the DH trails. My recommendation would be to just rock up, shake someone's hand, and do a lap or two with them to get your bearings. Like always, it's best to ride with other people. Smiling

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Well you could but there are so many arrows now it would be pretty hard unless you went off one of the tracks. I was up there 2 weekends ago and the track had just been cleared and was really well marked out, and was more awesome than ever.

Follow the yellow arrows and you can't go wrong... that will take you on the XC circuit, but be careful not to go down into the Grave yard as it's sort of off limits (it should be marked off with tape but just in case if you see a green plastic bridge near a sort of T junction, then go over it and keep going. It's towards the end of the 10 kay loop).


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Yeah - just post a ride saying you are going there and want a tour barbie... someone will show for sure. Erm... maybe! Eye-wink

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trick is with ourimbah, that the whole thing is super fun, doesnt really matter on your first go, just find a single track and follow it, if it doesnt look like it gets use, your not on the right one! even if you ride it backwards its still fun (like i did the first time!) and you really cant go wrong with the DH track if you just take it easy, just start from the top next to the tower if you can get up there! (top of red hill road, take the left fork near the top up thingy road (sorry 4got name Smiling

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