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Scott 24 hour Race

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By kfalloon - Posted on 26 September 2008

I am looking to join a three man team for the Scott 24 hour race at Stromlo on the 11th and 12th.

I'm an average mtbr and as part of a 3 man team came 9th at the recent Yellomunde 12 hour.

If there is anyone looking for a rider to join their team let me know.

I recently purchased a Specialized stumpjumper comp to replace my Avanti Montari.

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I think there may be an opportunity in a team of 6. One guy pulled out of one team and they may still be looking for a replacement.

Your level of riding is most probably MUCH! higher than the guys in this team of 6 racing in the 40+ category. Getting 9th in a team of 3 is a pretty good achievement. If you are still intrested in joining I'm more than happy to make a few phone calls to see if they are still looking and put you in touch with them.

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Hi Thanks for your prompt response. At this stage I am really looking for a 4 man team where someone has pulled out.

I am really an average rider and would fit fine with a six man team. I am looking to push myself a bit.

I'll give it a few days and see what opportunities there are.



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We have just had somebody pull out of our team. We are not competitive, just there to have fun.
Send me a PM with your phone number if you want.

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Thanks for the responses.

I've taken up an offer to join a team of 4 from Evan which is great.

Looking forward to the event and being able to participate.



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