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Mtb overnighter

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 18 October 2008

Saturday, 29 November, 2008 - 08:54
29 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Woodford railway station car park south side

Railway parade Woodford NSW

Well the date is set the never held before summer edition MTB overnighter, but really it's gunna be a lot like the winter one except warmer.

We will be catching the train from Woodford to Wentworth Falls and it leaves Woodford at 8:54 am.

Due to popular demand it's largely unchanged, I did think we could ride down the Ingar fire trail instead of Andersons this time as many people have not done this one before. Expect steep downhills, jumps and very fast times down to Bedford creek and then the same climb out we do for Andersons. This will leave ample time for an early lunch break before hitting the sweet single tracks in the area (always a crowd pleaser) then well take the cars to the camping area this is a no fees type and it has toilets and fire places.

I be bringing my gas BBQ like before so bring your Esky filled with food and drink. The next day we could do Dawes ridge single track again, this is where long sleeves and eye wear are highly recommended as it's a bit over grown but I'm hoping to trim it back before the day, this track is awesome and not too long as so people can get home and unpack.

Who's in?
pikey, bikemad, Harry, Carlgroover, mtbasn.alex, Volker, anke13, Hans, Morgan, Supagav, Graham, Checkmate, jdb, sophie, NicNak, v, Substance (17 riders)
pikey bikemad Harry Carlgroover mtbasn.alex Volker anke13 Hans Morgan Supagav Graham Checkmate jdb sophie NicNak v Substance
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Carlgroover An absolute ball I had a blast on the weekend with so many happy and appreciative riders doing the same, we got to the single track and split into 2 groups the XT's and the XTR's, I was fortunate to have Alex helping me and he led the XTR's out at a good pace both...

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GAZZA's picture

the winter overnighter was great. this time bring the aeroguard! good call john

anke13's picture

this ride. Can't wait!

jdb's picture

This sounds like a great weekend... now do I go to my highschool 10 year reunion on the 29th or attend this?

delicious's picture

So John, Let me clarify this;
1. We park our cars containing camping gear at Woodford.
2. We catch a train to Wenthworth Falls.
3. We go for a nice ride.
4. Return to the cars, go to campsite, stay overnight.
5. In the morning pack up campsite, then go for another ride.
6. Return to cars, still parked at campsite, go home.
Is this correct?

Carlgroover's picture

And it's me not explaining as well as last time.
1. We park our cars containing camping gear at Woodford.
2. We catch a train to Wentworth Falls.
3. We go for a nice ride.
4. Have a rest and some food at the cars.
5. Go for a fantastic ride.
6. Return to the cars, go to campsite, eat drink and be merry till quite late, stay overnight.
7. In the morning pack up campsite, drive 15 mins then go for another ride.
8. Thanks delicious as I'm sure this has clarified it for everyone.
Last year it was so good camping with the MoB and not having the pressure of a race the next morning to worry about, the camping spot is a beauty and is only disclosed by PMing me or on the day.
Cheers John.

anke13's picture

John, maybe you should go through it once more! Hehehe...

Carlgroover's picture

For us old hands at this ride anke13 and I'm pleased to the same people coming back.
Here's a link to the last one

anke13's picture

we should organise food for everyone and split the cost this time? That way we can cook everything at the same time...
I'm also happy to make a couple of salads the night before and bring them up.

delicious's picture

Now that the itinery is clear I'll click that star.

Carlgroover's picture

I think bringing your own is better because you bring whatever you choose to eat and no one has the hassle of catering and collecting money, however if somebody would like to do it thats ok too.

The timing of the food I thought went well last time, everyone couldn't eat at the same time but I think that was due to having 2 BBQ's for so many people.

John Smiling

Morgan's picture

Better tell 'er indoors

Damien's picture

Probably come up for the Sturday but no overnighter for me.

christine's picture

it sounds like excellent fun!
shall expect I will come along too... Smiling George said he had a ball last time!

MEEE Smiling

anke13's picture

..another girl. Don't bail out on me, Christine!!!

delicious's picture

Two girls... Yippee....

christine's picture

some of the boys behave there will be more than two girls present hey!

Supagav's picture

Vanina is coming as well so that makes three girls!!!
I will be there as well. I wont forget my gloves this time...

Beany's picture

I'll be there to help you girls deal with those wicked boys.

Can't wait to pitch tent with you guys.

anke13's picture

I'll have to borrow a tent again...Is anyone able to help?

Morgan's picture

You have 2 options.

You can share my Taj Mahal and we can endure cheap NobMob gossip, inuendo and possibly a divorce, the bad part of which is that I may have to sell my new bike to pay for my legal defence..

Or I can bring my spare tent for you. And keep the bike.

anke13's picture

I thought I was pretty fair last time...

Maybe bring the spare tent just in case Smiling

Paul's picture

Come on Morgan you don't fool anybody. Your first night away with your new bike - you were always going to sleep with it by your side.

Morgan's picture

last time I didn't have a new bike to worry about. I'll bring the spare for ya...

Andy Bloot's picture

Bike and girl
Every boys dream

pikey's picture

....a warm bike anytime Sticking out tongue

(No Stuart I said bike not dike)

I've got a one man tent and a 6 man tent (the label says 8 man), if more people need accommodation we could bunk in?

However, I allegedly snore and fart.

Salad is what food eats Smiling

Charlie's picture

I am new to this site and haven't been riding for too long either, though would really like to join you guys. Is this ride suitable for new comers?

Carlgroover's picture

The 1st day we'll ride approx 40km with more downhill than up, it's all fairly easy to ride the thrills come with the speed you choose, there is only 1 serious uphill but everyone gets to the top one way or another. This is a social ride but faster riders will often shoot off ahead, but then stop to re-group so no one gets lost/left behind. If your riding the dam and Oxford Falls you will have no problems. We'll look forward to meeting you.
Cheers John.

Andy Bloot's picture

What time will the ride finish up on Sunday.
Would like to ride Sunday but need to be back in Mona Vale by about 11am to be washed and in Manly by 1pm.
Is there a point where someone with a complete lack of direction can find his way back to the car.
Either way I hope to make the Saturday and camp.

Carlgroover's picture

that we could get everyone up and packed early enough to do the ride and get back to the cars by 10am, if you did the ride on the Sunday and had to turn around early finding your way would not be a problem. I think some people stayed up past their bedtime at the last overnighter, making them not the earliest risers.

anke13's picture

in Sydney by 11am, too, so we could find our way back to the cars together.
Alternatively, I'll miss the ride on Sunday morning and go straight back to Sydney. Wouldn't want to miss the camping, though Smiling It was such great fun last time!

Andy Bloot's picture

Might even hit out early on Sunday.
But that's probably unlikely
The mind is usually willing, but the flesh is weak (or vice versa)

Carlgroover's picture

I went for a ride up Ingar fire trail the other day (insanely steep) to find that it's in great condition for a fire trail due to recent work, but unfortunately too boring for mtbs, so we will be saving our energy for more single track as we never seem to do them all around here. Double the fun!
Cheers John.

sophie's picture

Well, one more anyway. Will that be four ? Looking forward to meeting more of you as so far I have only rather fleetingly met a few people at SpringCycle and Gong.Smiling

Carlgroover's picture

Are you going to click the star thingo? Don't tell me you're backing out after sounding so keen for this one.
Sophie, great to have you on board and it is a good way to meet the MoB.

bikemad's picture

We are keen as well,work permitting,the last one was a blast and will good to catch up with the nobber's again.

christine's picture

another blonde moment - someone else said i had forgotten to do that!
no, i am coming... AND sleeping with Pikey - there! its out in the open!!! lol
should be such fun - the weekend, not sleeping with Pikey - ok, whatever i write now will just dig the hole deeper.... Smiling

Morgan's picture

On Fartipedia it says burying yourself alive under 1 metre of soil is the only way to survive the fallout from Pikey's "Colon Death Cloud".

Substance's picture

hey guys

this sounds pretty good, and if i come it would be my first outting with you guys
ive only recently gotten back into riding so i guess you can call me a nooob

im just wondering, will these tracks be hardtail friendly?

probably wont be able to do the overnighter camping but i think i could make it for saturday day ride...

but yeah, main thing for me is if the tracks are hardtail ok and not to techy requiring mega jumps...

and i guess how long is the ride?


pikey's picture

......have a look here, all will be explained.

Camping and some jumps, or walk around them, guessing around 30-40 km each day, hope to see you there.


Salad is what food eats Smiling

Substance's picture

man thats cool

gonna really try and make it out to this one

id have to get up reaaaaaal early to make it to woodford for 8.54

its like 1.5hrs from my place :S
with my driving..make that 1hr Sticking out tongue

Substance's picture

hey guys

how long is the ride from wentworth falls back to the cars /woodford station?

cRAZY Canuck's picture

Unless I get told otherwise we'll be there, as long as this isn't a singles only retreat Eye-wink Need to get all the riding in I can before the shoulder surgery seeing as I bought a new front end for the bike over the last month.

What's the story on the camping site/where's the camp site?

Substance's picture

my dads pretty keen to do this as well

i just hope he can keep up Sticking out tongue

Brian's picture

This is huge... Combined with the Non Overnighter Saturday is looking at 30+ riders.

Carlgroover's picture

I think we should at times ride in 2 groups with the fast group doing some extra distance to get to the meeting points.
I'm also concerned that by the time we get to the camping spot there may not be a spot large enough left to fit us all together as there was several campers there before us in the winter ride, this time of year I would expect it to be busier so I'm looking for volunteers to meet me at the camping area at 8:15am and park the cars where we want to camp then ride back to the railway station to meet the others. I have the firewood sorted again this year and a 4 burner BBQ but if anyone can bring another barbie that would be great.

anke13's picture

I'm happy to bring an extra BBQ. I've got a Webber one, which is easy enough to pack.

John, do you have a second gas bottle. Otherwise, I'll bring that, too.

I'd be happy to vonlunteer to park my car at the camp site. But maybe we should have some of the more experienced/faster riders take on that task, since we have to ride back to the station.

mtbasn.alex's picture

I can also bring a barbie as i only live 5 minutes away, dad could bring it down

cRAZY Canuck's picture

I've got a Mini Webber and a tank that I can bring if desired, but it's not very big!

Substance's picture

bbq for lunch?

is there a shop in the area to buy some food or should i bring it with me?

anke13's picture

We'll have the BBQ for dinner and brekkie. I'd pack some lunch for Saturday.

As for dinner...last time some people went to a local supermarket to get BBQ stuff. I'm sure we can do that again this time.

John - is that correct?

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