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Hill training, Best Locations?

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By jdb - Posted on 05 December 2008


I've just started a training program to get me fit for the Karopoti (50km) and Colville Connection (72km) both in March. Program is mixed between Road and Mtb sessions. As part of the Mtb training I need to do some hill climbing training to improve technigue and build strength, what are the best places to go for this?


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Cascades 4 gates. End of story Smiling

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This also includes Cascades and nearly killed me Smiling

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If you're still alive after Brain's little outing above
You'll be fine for those events

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Cascades is a great training ride. Brian map also includes some killer hills over the road at Sandy track. Do a couple of those laps and you will be well sorted.

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You could try the Quarry Road trail over at Hornsby. It's an out and back but if you do it a couple of times it's a real thigh burner.

Another option would be to do the Oaks up and back. It's a good climb up with the bonus of being a lot of fun coming back down. ( or you could go up the Oaks and Ando's !!)


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Thanks will try the casscades this weekend if I survive the birthday celebrations

Keen to try the oaks while I have time off over Xmas

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