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LOST Garmin

A long shot but I dropped my Garmin 520 in a black silicone case somewhere yesterday on BMX downhill, Bunnings, Oxford Falls connecter,
that fireroad up to Mt Narra or on Mt Narra itself :/

Its got my name and number on the startup screen but if anyone finds it or sees a rock wallaby trying to beat their strava times then give me a buzz on 0423711851.


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GPS - Garmin 510, 810 or are there other options

I've been looking around on the web, but haven't really found any recent forums or reviews of GPS devices for mountain biking. So was hoping someone here could chip in with their experience.

Garmin seems to be the place to start. In their range it seems to be either the 510 or the 810 that are the most likely options.

Talking about Garmin, have anyone tried the vivoactive for mountain biking?

Which other options would you consider? If any?

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LOST-Garmin 510-Manly Dam

LOST-Garmin edge 510. I was doing a dam lap, and opened my bag and forgot to close it. My Garmin has fallen out somewhere between the creek gap and the bottom of the descent where the start of the new work is being done. Please keep an eye out for it. There's a 6 pack for anyone who finds it

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Cheap Ant + head unit

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking for a cheap ant+ head unit that will pickup wahoo speed and cadence sensor and Ant + heart rate monitor. Doesn't have to be GPS enabled or able to map the ride or anything like that but would like to be able to see HR, speed, cadence, time on the one screen.

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MTB trickle down??

some interesting new enhancements to the data that can be collected using Garmin's Vector power meter pedals, Garmin claim platform offset can be used to improve bike fit, peddling efficiency and potentially prevent injury! The current design makes these pedals too vulnerable for MTB but it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for this tech to trickle down to MTB?

Gotta love tech toys Eye-wink

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Recording Routes EGDE 500

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have an Garmin Edge 500 and I was curious if it is possible to record route that I have rode, for example if I did a circuit at Forsyth Mills can the Edge record this route and then could I use the “Course” function to use this information for navigation?

Am help on this would be great. I understand you can plot routes on various web-based packages and then export them as TCX file which can be loaded on to the device. I find this a struggle with trails though as they are typically obscured by trees or it is near impossible to resolve the track.



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what garmin shall I buy ??

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hI all

I am going to buy a Garmin and I would like some feedback on which one is best
I dont need the top of the range but I dont want some obsolete or basic model

I would like to see what km's etc I am doing and record my rides, I also use strava

not sure if I even need a heart monitor??

would buy second hand but needs to be newish


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More Edge 500 issues

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Oh dear - more Garmin Edge issues Sad

I have an Edge 500 which has been working perfectly for years. I use this with a HRM and speed/cadence sensor.

This week though it failed to 'boot' (for want of a better word) so I gave it a factory reset. Seemed to work fine.

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Garmin Third Party Sensor for Speed Cadence

Gone and got a replacement for the crappy old GSC-10.

Just got hold of the Wahoo Fitness speed and cadence sensor.
Installed, scanned on garmin, ready to go!
Can't wait to try it out on the trainer.

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Garmin mount alternative

Saw this little beauty called the barfly. It seems like a great idea to get the edge off the stem/bar and out in front.
Not so good on a mtb but would be fantastic on the roadie. Evil

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