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Recording Routes EGDE 500

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have an Garmin Edge 500 and I was curious if it is possible to record route that I have rode, for example if I did a circuit at Forsyth Mills can the Edge record this route and then could I use the “Course” function to use this information for navigation?

Am help on this would be great. I understand you can plot routes on various web-based packages and then export them as TCX file which can be loaded on to the device. I find this a struggle with trails though as they are typically obscured by trees or it is near impossible to resolve the track.



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More Edge 500 issues

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Oh dear - more Garmin Edge issues Sad

I have an Edge 500 which has been working perfectly for years. I use this with a HRM and speed/cadence sensor.

This week though it failed to 'boot' (for want of a better word) so I gave it a factory reset. Seemed to work fine.

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Garmin mount alternative

Saw this little beauty called the barfly. It seems like a great idea to get the edge off the stem/bar and out in front.
Not so good on a mtb but would be fantastic on the roadie. Evil

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Killed my Garmin Edge 800 with OTB!

Went over the bars today, came away a bit shaken but apart from that, just a few scratches...... except for my Garmin Edge 800 which bore the brunt of a rather hard rock, smashing it's screen. The little fella was bravely beeping away on the inside, even though his screen was destroyed. Has anyone else cracked their 800 screen and what was the remedy/how much?

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Garmin Edge 500 Workouts.

Looking at doing some silly time on the trainer.

What programs are people doing on their indoor trainers.
I am looking to do a basic program in Garmin Training Center to use for indoor workouts.
Any suggestions for intervals times etc ?

Boring as it may be 25mins on the trainer is 25mins of training.

Shano Smiling

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Issues with Edge500 firmware 2.30?

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Annoyingly my Garmin Edge 500 has begun acting up when connecting to the PC's USB port.

I'm not completely sure, but think this might be as a result of updating to the latest version of the firmware (unit software). In fact, checking the last upload that went without trouble was version 2.29 and the unit now has version 2.30 (although - interestingly this is what the unit says it has, the upload I just managed to work using a laptop says 2.29 still - that's a worry!) would say that is the case.

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How to fix your Garmin Edge - Extreme Edition

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We've previously talked about fixing Garmin Edge units here:

And in that other thread there was a link to someone who bypassed the spring loaded connector for power.

Well, recently, Steve01 threw his old Edge 305 at me in disgust and taking up the challenge I decided to have a bash at fixing it. Here's what I did...

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Garmin Edge Circuit Tape

Just put a bit of tape over the wires to stop shorts and re-assemble the unit. Job done Smiling

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Test Edge Mod

Seems to work Smiling

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Garmin Edge 305 - Connectory replacement

Here I've soldered some wires on the circuit board where the spring loaded connector used to be. These are solid core wires from a cat5 cable BTW - slightly tricky.

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