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Angry doctor

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Tathra MTB Enduro

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Sunday, 22 April, 2012 - 07:00
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Tathra Country Club, Tathra

If you’re tired of being marooned in bush try a cycling sea-change!

The Tathra MTB Enduro is a community driven MTB event that caters for the whole family. Along with single-track Tathra, has plenty of sun and surf to keep the cheer squad and ‘significant others’ happy. The best news is – the start line is a mere roll from your digs in Tathra!

In 2011, 250 riders lined up for our first race, and we raised over $25,000 for renewable energy projects in the Bega Shire.

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Why the Angry Doctor was Cancelled

Buck posted this on FB:

Princes hwy mogo. This fell down as we rode to the re start. A car only JUST stopped in time.

Yeah - you can't blame the organisers for cancelling an event through a forest if the trees are just going to fall over randomly! Sad

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Angry Doctor 100km first time - advice needed.

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Well, I've been riding for a while, but not this far. I ride for fun at Awaba and Ourimbah, but this 100km event has me a little worried. 50km would be fun! 100km? Why did I bother listening to you Andrew..... So, any advice?

1- Is there overtaking/passing etiquette?

2 - Do I really need some vasoline?

3 - Dust mask?

4 - Extra equipment to carry besides chain lube, tyre puncture repair kit, etc ?

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Enjoyed it a lot more this year

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Given my memories of last year (severe cramps and taking a wrong turn / getting lost) I had a different plan this year which was to take it easy in the first 50kms and really try and enjoy the single track and the whole event. With the forecast being 30+ I spent the Saturday trying to drink a fair bit so that I would be well hyrdrated on the day.

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Mogo Dylan
"What the hell am I doing this for again?"

It all came back to me after 20 kays in... "Hang on, this is bloody terrible". There are plenty of excuses I could use for the way I was feeling, getting a flat, screwing up my food royally, running out of water, getting a virus the week before.. the bottom line is this is a mother of an event. I had just forgotten.

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accommodation wanted for angry doctor.

after being in canberra for the weekend and seeing how cold it can be at night, martine and i have decided to try and get a room for the night prior to the doctor rather than camping. i know the south coast wont be as cold as our capital but we thought we'd put the word out just in case someone drops out and has already paid for accomodation.
if anyone IS camping, let us know where as i havn't got a clue where the closest place is to the start of the race.

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Awesome Hills!

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Saturday, 29 August, 2009 - 08:00
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The Oaks
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CHANGED: Glenbrook Station Car Park

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

I had a flashback this morning and realized that the car park at the park entrance is not open before 8am and some people seem to have difficulty to find it.

=> New meeting point: the usual Glenbrook Station Car Park.

Sorry for the late change! See you there.

This is a training ride for the Angry Doctor.

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Angry Doctor 50KM entry for sale

HI i am selling my 50km entry to the Angry Doctor in Mogo,
Let me know if your interested

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Transport to Angry Doctor/Irate Intern

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Saturday, 12 September, 2009 - 12:00
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Mogo State Forest
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St Ives Patterson's Patisserie - 237 Mona Vale Rd St Ives there is a car park over the road where you can easily leave your car for the weekend.

237 Mona Vale Rd St Ives

Sydney based riders who want a lift to the South Coast, here’s your opportunity. If you don't want to be driving off the road on the way home here is the trip for you!

The trip will leave on Saturday from two different locations and come back Sunday night. St Ives is the first collection point, address as listed above. The other meeting point on the way South will be North Sydney, Bike Bug Depart 12:45pm (120 Pacific Hwy North Sydney), parking is readily available in the area. Departure times could be earlier if people are going for the Nasty Nurse Prologue.

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Angry Doctor 12-13th September 2009

Entries open this Friday! Don't make the same DW mistake and miss out!

Call me optimistic, but I'm signing up.... Shocked

Better hit the rehab HARD, something to aim towards!!

Best 100 I've ever done! (albeit the only one Sticking out tongue)

See you all in Mogo!! Smiling

Best Mountain Bike