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The Oaks

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The Oaks

I'm thinking about hitting The Oaks on Sunday Morning if it doesn't bucket tomorrow/Sunday. Has anyone been up there this week? Is it as wet up there as on the coast after the rain this week?

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Oaks trail - advice needed

One of my buddies (new nobmobber kiwi_phil) is organising a ride with a few mates to the Oaks trail in a few weeks.

Given my present constraints (post shoulder repair surgery, not allowed to risk falling off yet) am I asking for trouble? Or is it relatively unchallenging technically like say Perimeter + Long if I take it easy? I've been playing with things like riding down short sets of stairs, but there are no traction problems to catch you out there.

Thanks for your advice, guys. Smiling

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Blue Mountains?

I'm in the blue mountains this weekend and wondering if:
(a) anyone is keen for a ride on sat morning around 0830 start?
(b) any advice on where to go for a fun technical ride with a few hills etc. Around 2-4 hour ride?

Any info is appreciated at this very late notice.
You can drop me a line at


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Oaks on the Weekend

Hoping to do the Oaks this weekend. Can anyone comment on whether the track is OK??? Can you cross the river at the bottom??? Thanks

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Toilets at the start of the Oaks

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TTFH posted someplace else (and thought it was worth quoting him):

You may not have noticed, but there aren't any. However, when the station is open, there are toilets on the platform, and mountains trains all have toilets.

"What a strange way to start an email" you may be thinking...

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Oaks Trail Update

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Someone sent me this today, thought you'd be interested:

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Andersons & The Oaks - no trains this Saturday to Monday (17-19 May)

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From the Trackwork newsletter:

"2.00am Saturday 17 May until 2.00am Monday 19 May

* Blue Mountains Line trains will not operate.
* Buses replace all trains between Lithgow and Blacktown.

Replacement buses do not operate to the train timetable.
* Suburban trains will operate between Blacktown and the City.
* Please allow an additional journey time of up to 60 minutes.
* Zig Zag Railway customers will need to alight at the Clarence bus stop.
* CountryLink: Customers travelling to Lithgow to connect with

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The Oaks is now a freeway

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By the sound of it someone has seen fit to grade The Oaks fire trail. It used to be rough and rocky from the Woodford gate to the Helipad and descriptions on Farkin would imply all the rocks are gone and it's now a freeway. Their post and a few pics are here (you need a Farkin account to see this):

pics as promissed. They were taken in the first stretch after the gate. before the sign. It only gets worse.

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Oaks Up And Back

Friday, 25 April, 2008 - 07:30
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks

This ride is the Oaks up and back it is a training ride for the dirtworks so will be at a moderate to fast pace similar to todays ride at Terry Hills and the Andersons Oaks adventure a few weeks ago.

There are no trains involved with this ride as we leave Gleenbrook and head up the Oaks under our own power to the top gate at Woodford. Here we turn around and head back to Glenbrook with a possible detour out the Pisgah trail before blasting down the single track.

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Getting Back On The Bike After An Injury

I got back on my mountain bike for the first time yesterday after breaking my finger a couple of months ago.

Basically my confidence is all gone I rode Manly Dam and strugled everything looked ten times bigger. I even had a silly little crash in the mud and put the exact same hand out again but didnt break anything this time. I guess the body can heal but the mind needs to be retrained.

I think I will go for an easy ride up the Oaks before going back to the dam.

Any sugestions.

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