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wet weather

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Off Bike Training tips. (especially in wet weather)

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Personally, I am extremely 'time crunched'.

I love the idea of following 'The Time Crunched Cyclist' as mentioned by others, but I have trouble finding 3-4 hrs a week as it is. Having a very young family doesn't help. So, I've been following & doing about 2 x 20min sessions a week in the garage when my kids are asleep. I also swim twice a week at work for another 20 min.

Otherwise, I just try to ride as much as I can. All this wet weather doesn't help - but garage workouts are better than nothing.

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I heard the wind picking up and thought I'd just 'have a look' at the BOM radar and wallah! Batten down the hatches!!! Felt like it blew over quickly up North. Down south was a mess apparently.

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Rain guards

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Hey guys
Have been pretty fecked off with commuting in all the wet weather we've had over the last month. Even if it's not raining and only the road is wet I still get a constant spray into my face, I wear glasses but they don't stop the rest of me from getting wet. So I'm considering buying a set of guards I can quickly chuck on if I know it's going to be more than a little damp out there.

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Wet, Wet, Wet 2

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The roads were dry and it was barely spitting as we set out, but then it started to rain. That wouldn't be a problem as BOM and the Nobmob weather page indicated minimal rain during the day. However we soon found out that the trails were already sodden and muddy, but with 10 boofy blokes all wet and in the bush at night of course no one was going to turn back. As we proceeded the chorus of sand grinding metal kept us company and in my mind I could hear the Ka-ching, Ka-ching of the bike shops cash register.

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Cold, Dam Cold!

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I have never been so cold on a ride before tonight.

It started raining, yes RAIN not girly drizzle, and kept up for most of the ride.

Thanks to the guys that shared their lights with me as I didn't think to read Paul's post that did say burn time of 2-3 hours, I could have brought out my 2.25kg beasty battery. Doh!

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Crying Sand

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Why does blinking make sand come out of my eyes? Puzzled

Yes, this was a top, top ride but not really what was intended. I had this mental plan that today was to be the peak of Dirtworks training (2 weeks out). In this mental plan I was to ride until something broke, me or the machine, or the 80Km target in my head. After having a cold most of the week figured I would break first but the trails had different ideas.

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Newbie's Qs about Riding after Rain

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Hi NobMobbers, thanks for having me here. Recently I've developed the riding bug that has me wanting to ride trails everyday, regardless of the weather. Having said that, I haven't been out in the mud yet for 2 reasons: I don't want to clean my bike all the time, and I don't want to be responsible for wrecking trails.

What is the etiquette for riding after rain? How many days of sunshine should you leave after rain before riding again? Is there a service that can tell you track conditions or track closures?

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Rob chasing hard

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