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MTB Slang

Kindof like a glossory
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Stair Gap

Stair Gap: To clear the first set of stairs and the flat section following them, and land on the second set. The act of launching a single set of stairs to land on flat ground is commonly mistaken as a stair gap, when it is in fact only Hucking to Flat.

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Spoke Nipple

Spoke Nipple: The nut at the end of a spoke, usually connecting it to the rim. I figure it belongs in slang, there have been too many jokes about nipple tweaking in order to straighten a bent wheel...

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Single Crown/SC Fork

Single Crown/SC Fork: A single crown fork has its stanchion (slider) tubes clamped or pressed into a single fork crown that sits below the head tube of the frame. Marzocchi Z series forks and Rockshox Pikes are all examples of single crown forks.

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Session: To hit the same thing over and over until you’re really good at it. eg. "We sessioned the top rock garden for a while" or "do you want to session some dirt jumps today?".

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Sandbagger: Derogatory term for a person or persons who enter a grade below their actual skill level for an easy win.

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Roost: To send a cloud of dust/dirt/mud into the air or onto something/one. Typically done via a cutty or drift. Example: "I completely roosted that camera guy..."

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Berm: An embankment on a trail.

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Rail a Berm

Rail a Berm: To hit a berm at high speed, keeping both feet on the pedals. The guy who hits the berm fast and exits the berm with high speed has railed the berm.

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Rail: To hit a corner/section as if you were on rails. If you have to ask, then you haven't done it.

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Pump: A technique of pushing the front of the bike with your arms and the rear with your legs to gain momentum through a section by utilising the natural contours of the trail.

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