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MTB Slang

Kindof like a glossory
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Pre–jump: Bunnyhopping a short distance before the edge of a drop with no kicker, in order to land on the downslope - instead of flying straight off it, overshooting and landing to flat ground.

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Pinned/Pinner/Pin it Ya Fairy

Pinned/Pinner/Pin it Ya Fairy: A term borrowed from motocross, meaning to have the throttle pinned, or held all the way open. Used in mountain biking to descibe people riding really hard, e.g. "I had it pinned coming into that last corner and washed out".

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Owned: A term used when someone crashes hard. I.E "He got owned by that tree". Can also be used when someone takes a difficult section with ease. "Man he owned that section".

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Manual: Manualing is shifting your weight back and coasting on your rear wheel (wheelie) without the use of pedal strokes.

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Kicker: The "start" or take off ramp to a jump. Can be found on DH tracks, Jump Parks, Road Gaps.

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Jockey Wheels

Jockey Wheels: The pulley wheels in your rear derailleur.

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Jibbing: Thor Wixom's word for street on a Mountain Bike, back when he though he was pioneering a new style of riding. It's just street on Mountain Bikes dude, nothing new about it. The word has been 'borrowed' from skiing, where it is used to describe similar high difficulty, low speed/airtime manouevres.

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Huck to Splat

Huck to Splat: A Huck to Flat gone wrong.

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Huck to Flat

Huck to Flat: The act of dropping from a great height onto level ground. Sometimes unavoidable, but the act of doing it intentionally and/or repeatedly is widely regarded as unintelligent and unnecessarily damaging to one's bike. Nonetheless, most people get their start in more aggressive riding by this method, then progress to downramps and the pursuit of smoothness. Some are still playing catch-up.

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Huck/Hucking/Hucker: Mostly known as the type of rider that likes to do drops off large things such as; cliffs, roofs, North shore style ramps. The name is supposedly taken from the noise one makes when bunnyhopping their bike as hard as they can off the edge of a drop. The word "Huck" is also used in other sports, notably white water kayaking, but it still refers to the same thing.

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